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Success Stories From Delegates for Delegates

The Daily Dose just posted a sign up form for these states:

*Arkansas *Florida *Idaho *Indiana *Kentucky
*Missouri *Nebraska *New Mexico *North Carolina *Oregon
*South Dakota *Texas *Utah *Vermont

They need interested delegates for these states.

Folks, if you're in one of the above, there's still power to be had.

If you've gone through the process, already, please post your advice here.

For example, my experience is that locals want locals to represent them, so they want to fill every delegate slot with someone they know or who lives nearby. That's so they'll have representation at the convention. Also, it's a committment of time and money, so often these slots are empty. It's easier than you think. Alternates, expect you may be called to fill in. You need to show up.

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Here is the website for the Republican Party of Florida with information about becoming a delegate.


You must application must be notarized and delivered by certified mail between March 3 and 7. If you have not registered as a Republican you must register as a Republican by March 3. Delegates are bound through 2 votes.

The delegates will be voted on at the Congressional District caucuses.


We need to attend these caucuses in massive numbers. Florida has the highest number of meetup members. There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to dominate every congressional district's caucus.