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Monday is THE MOST important money bomb to date.

Fellow DPer's,

If any of you keep as close a watch to the HQ website as I do, then we all know that donations have dropped off tenfold since last friday when Dr. Paul released his statement that he was cutting staff, and everyone thought it was a hint that he was going to be dropping out.

Well, The Presidents Day money bomb is THE most important money bomb to date, and we have got to spread the word like animals. I have even noticed that traffic on this website has dropped off since last friday as well.

Dr. Paul has said it himself, the only thing that can stop this campaign, is US. As long as the support is there, as long as the funds keep coming in, and the word keeps spreading, than he is in it till the end with us. That is why we have to make this money bomb one of the biggest ever. We have got to give Dr. Paul a shot in the arm!!! We have got to show him that we are still as hungry for freedom as ever.

The coverage he has been getting on the MSM media about his military donations has been awesome. That paired with a massive money bomb, then a sweep on the "real super tuesday" on March 4th, and we will have the momentum to propell us to victory!!!

We have GOT to go nuts in Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Triple your efforts, CANVASS in those four states like you've never canvassed before, and we are on our way to making history. The greatest political comback in the history of the United States, and WE were part of it!!!

Please keep this bumped because it is so important to the campaigns success!

Lastly, I am NOT trying to sound like a nag, or trying to boss my fellow DPer's around. But I remember when this site was so much different than what it is today. Who cares about Clinton and Obama, or talking about conspiracy theories, or any of the other nonsense forum topics I see on here so often. We need to take the DP back and make it a productive, positive, medium for passionate Dr. Paul supporters to express their ideas like it used to be. We have got to be using 100% of our valuable energy for nothing but POSITIVE things to help Dr. Paul win. So get out there and canvass those March 4th states, and DONATE on Presidents Day!!!


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Money Bomb!!!!! MONDAY!!!!!!

The Time to pour it on is right NOW!!!
Contact your meet-up groups, e-mail everyone you know, and start calling folks in the four states with primaries coming up.
" Let's Roll !! "

Freedom isn't Free!!
God Bless Ron Paul !!

Freedom isn't Free!!
God Bless Ron Paul !!

Do not give in!!!!

Did or troops give in in ww2 when the odds were stacked against them?> NO
Did we support Ron Paul for nothing? NO
Did we give up after the MSM called him a darkhorse or unelectable? NO
Did we make history on DEc 16th? YES
Did we win every debate? YES
Are we not American Patriots? YES
Will we donate to show we are not giving up? It better be YES!!!!!!!!
Bump this keep it on top!!!!!!
We are not done we are Americans we do not give up we are fighters for freedom. Live free or die, give me liberty or give me death!!!!
Now donate till it hurts dammit this is that important. DO this for your country and for the millions around the world that also pay attention to this presidential race. They rely on our enthusiasm to invigorate theirs.

New Donors Time to Shine!!!

The fun begins at Midnight E.S.T. Sunday night!!!

New Donors time to shine and join in the fun!!!

This time you have two Ron Paul Campaigns to contribute too and many worthy Grassroot Projects to consider....

And two Campaign Contribution Tote Boards to watch rise and rise higher and higher all day Monday!!!!!!

The campaign is spending $0

The campaign is spending $0 in RI. We asked for $50K to be spent and are still waiting for a reply. One of our members laid out a marketing plan to the campaign including newspaper and radio ads. We are spending our own money here in the best way we know how. We are even spending it on airtime on a small radio station ( but RI is a small state ) to produce our own show. See my other post. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/38360#comment-340218





come on guys give him a boost

Bomb Bomb Bomb

Bomb Bomb Bomb

Bomb Bomb McCain

Bomb Bomb Bomb

Bomb Bomb McCain


My money bomb donation will be used to bomb McCain.


McCain may croak b4 it's all

McCain may croak b4 it's all over

We've come too far

to give up now. Let's keep giving!

Two Campaigns To Contribute Too At Midnight Sunday!!!

Bump. I am in for both Campaigns..............

I am in

Let's do it.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Let's give the MSM something to talk about=Money Bomb

Can you just see how cool it would be to see/hear the "news" cover our AWESOME money bomb!? They've been giving our campaign tidbits of airtime recently, but they must be chomping at the bit to be the first to announce such a BIG money bomb (let's face it, has anyone else felt like time has slowed down in the past week or so?) They're hurting for something new to talk about...I've only been hearing about he Dems and, of course, the telecomm liability deadline. Let's make it the Shot Heard 'Round the World...the dynamic "comback" of the candidate who never left.




Less than $6,000 to 6

Less than $6,000 to 6 million

Got a credit card burning a

Got a credit card burning a hole in my pocket ready to go.


We had a couple of back to back storms in the San Francisco Bay Area just before Super Tuesday. I finally got disgusted with all the waiting, grabbed my slim-jims and umbrella and went to work canvassing. This ain't snow country so there was little to slow me down. I was able to cover seven precincts in four days. Yes I got a little bit wet but I'm not made of sugar.

I ask what the alternative would be if Dr. Paul is not President? Answer: An unelected aristocracy using some whore in the Oval Office to do their dirty work. Perpetual war to fund the military industrial complex. An insolvent (not bankrupt) legacy. Mandatory tracking devices implanted on all "institutional units/human resources". Yes, the walking and talking did me some good and I firmly believe helped squeeze some votes from those that would vote for Hitler if the MSM told them he would win.

Keep walking, talking and donating. Ron Paul WILL be the next President of the united States of America.

yay let's go!

yay let's go!


I'll be donating.

Won't you join me?

I like bombs.

Those who would give up essential liberty for temporary freedom, deserve neither Liberty nor Freedom

new washington rally videos

The Last Stand for Freedom!

Celebrate Freedom - Coming Soon - Summer 2008

how I learned to stop worrying and

Love the Bomb


I have already seen much greater enthusiasm for this bomb than for any of the minibombs in weeks. It's time to let Dr.Paul know that we are still here. I live in Texas and our early voting starts on tuesday. I have already slim jimmed my 500 apartment complex before, but this time I am adding,to my new free enterprise slim jims, a simple black and white printout with a map to the closest polling station (3mi), the hours of operation for early voting, and a short personal statement about why a vote for Ron Paul is still meaningful:

-McCain has no lock on delegates, brokered convention is still possible. with so many uncommitted delegates, the race is still wide open.

-McCain can not beat Obama/Clinton in this political climate. The Dems have twice the voter turnout that we do and 70% of Americans still want us out of Iraq yesterday.

-If you choose a McCain/Huckabee "conservative" due to electability or over the war, you vote against true conservative values in exchange for an election that we will lose, and a war that will still end in 2009.

-Now is the time to vote on principle, Now is the time to vote on the issues. The GOP still has time to choose Ron Paul. With the support of the Conservative Base, RP will wipe the floor with the Democrats. He already gets more donations from active military personnel than all of the other candidates combined. We can end the war in Iraq with Honor, bring our troops back home to their families from 130 countries, save hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, better protect our own borders, save social security for those who depend on it, let everyone else opt out, end deficit spending and begin to pay down the $9 TRILLION national debt, get Osama Bin Laden once and for all, and still have enough money left to massively cut taxes accross the board. Ron Paul is the perfect American Candidate for President in this era, he just needs your support.

I'm in!

We are due for a good Money Bomb!


Need to either keep this bumped through tomorrow or save it and keep re-posting during higher traffic hours, perhaps.


back up to the top

I couldn't have said it

I couldn't have said it better.


Important threads just don't seem to get the traffic they used to. But thanks for the positive comment bud.






Shameless self bump!