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America Freedom to Facism

Please do what you have to to buy this movie if you have not seen it. When you do see it get it to someone else. I myslef am going to buy copies and hand it out to people I know and don't know. Aaron Russo did an excellent job putting this together, with many quotes and filmed interviews.

I really liked the quote where George Bush Jr. said : "The constitution is just a piece of Goddamn paper".

go to the website and buy it www.freedomtofascism.com.

And if all of you have seen it, I only wish I would have seen the thread telling me to watch it.

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Also available on Google

Also available on Google video


its the greatest tool to help others wake up

lots of great stuff here:


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There has been a thread

There has been a thread about this movie for the last 3 days I think. I have ordered some copies to give out. However, one of my concerns was that it isn't available at Hastings, Blockbuster, or Hollywood video stores. I am meeting with the manager of a Hastings store today to see I can donate a copy for rental usage. My goal is to have them available in all video rental stores in my town.

I still plan on give some out, but if I happen to run out of copies then I can say, "go to Blockbusters and rent it". Plus other people will rent it by just having it in a video store.

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I second the call to watch

I second the call to watch this doc. You can get it for free at Google Video.

I would also say that this is a great video to wake up your friends to what's going on. You can buy copies of the DVD for a dollar each to distribute, or you can burn copies yourself, just get them into other people's hands.

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