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WA State Ron Paul Supporter(s) Flyers Everywhere--how do you all feel about this?

My sister called me (she lives in Washington), because there are these flyers all over everywhere in her neighborhood, and they simply say, "Attention: Democrats...Your primary vote in the Primaries doesn't count." Then it gives this URL for a website:


Here's the text on that page:

W A S T E D . V O T E . 2 0 0 8

To all Democrats in Washington State:
Did you know your vote in the Primaries does not count?

As stated on the front page of the Washington State Democrat's website, the Primary will not count toward picking the Democratic candidate, and if you select a Democratic ballot in the Primary, your vote won't make any difference as to who becomes the Democratic nominee. As the name of this site implies, it will be a wasted vote.

The only outcome you can sway with your Primary vote is the Republican Primary, and we urge you to do just that on February 19th.

The key thing to realize here is that you have nothing to lose. Voting in the Republican primary is NOT a vote in favor of the Republican Party. Rather, it is an opportunity to stack the deck on the Republican side with your preference. Even if you would rather not have any of the Republicans be president, you can at least vote for the one that matches your values most closely.

Ron Paul is the only anti-war candidate running for the Republican nomination.

Many of us did not expect that a Republican could win the last election, especially not when the popular vote went against him. It is entirely possible that this could happen again. Wouldn't you prefer that you had done everything in your power to be certain that even if a Republican wins the election, we will be getting out of this war immediately?

If you want more details on why you should consider voting for Ron Paul in the Washington State Presidential Primary, click here.

We urge you not to waste your vote in the 2008 Washington primary. Please join us in voting against the cruelty of war. If you wish to cast a meaningful anti-war ballot, there is only one viable candidate: Ron Paul. Please mail in your ballot or turn it in at your polling station.

Do not forget to check the Republican box and sign your name
on the outside of the envelope (below the sticky foldover)!!!

If you have questions or comments, please email us

Then they post a video of RP


There are links if you go to the website that direct you to the WA state Democratic Party website legitimately, and what they purport certainly seems to be true.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, because when I first looked at the website, I felt "shyster" immediately. Then I saw Ron Paul's name and became embarrassed. Finally, I thought to myself "pretty smart, since it IS true!"

How do you all feel about it?

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Tough Call

Will DEMS vote McCain because any Dem nominee can spank him. Or will they vote how they actually believe...


Only the ones who see this flyer and get online will know about it, because my sister didn't, and she's pretty connected and politically savvy. She voted RP anyway, but alerted me to the flyers.

I would think most primary voters have already mailed in their ballots. There are only 2 counties in Washington that have polling places--the rest of the counties are all "absentee" or mail-in. Those 2 counties are large, though.

I wouldn't count on anyone much benefitting from this on the Republican side, because of the small number remaining.