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Victory at sunset: "Protect America Act" Died At Sunset

Downsizers sent 47,034 messages to Congress about the so-called "Protect America Act" (PAA). Most of these messages asked Congress to repeal PAA or allow it to sunset.

Three days ago, on Wednesday, we wrote to tell you that the Senate had done the exact opposite of what you requested.

They did not repeal PAA.
They did not allow it to sunset.
They did not pass the amendments we requested that would have made the replacement for PAA less bad.
Instead, they passed a bill permitting warrantless spying on Americans, and granting immunity to the telecommunications companies that had previously spied on Americans. But . . .
We asked you to hit Congress once again, specifically asking the House to not do as the Senate had done.

We got what we wanted.
The Democrats in the House finally showed some backbone.
They refused to take action on a replacement for PAA.
This means that PAA sunsetted out of existence at midnight on Friday.

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...well, not quite...

I'm not entirely sure on this, but -- I do think that even when it died, it can continue to be put into effect for one year past its expiration date. I just read that somewhere this past week, but (sorry) don't recall where. That info was evidently suggested from the legalese in the law itself.

Downsize DC is

a strong supporter of Ron Paul and his bills before Congress

They'll be back

Like some evil villain in a comic book. "You haven't heard the last of me!" They'll figure a way to sneak it into some ambiguous bill having to do with wildlife or infrastructure.

It's a victory though. I feel safer NOT having that legislation passed.
Ron Paul rEVOLution. We realize our country has corruption never before seen in any civilization. The magnitude of which is almost unimaginable.

SunSetted Out Of Existence

I LIke the way that sounds! Good News Indeed! - Thanks for that link appears to be a very useful tool indeed!

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"