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Resonant Light machine

A little off topic, but Ron Paul and his supporters are about getting truth and acting competently upon it. His supporters are the most open-minded in the world and this is the purest form of intelligence in my opinion.

That being said, resonant light (or Rife machines) are said to be able to cure many things including cancer. People were claiming on Dailypaul yesterday that stem cell treatments are going on in Mexico and many people are having great results....it was the first I have heard of this and don't know of anyone that has gotten these treatments nor the results. The Rife machine was apparently invented in the thirties and according to some I have talked with, very effective.

Has anyone here used this machine or know people that have? And what was the result?

Thank you.

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The CFR is right

Constitutional Freedom Restoration that is.!

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

Nah with that kind of performance sugar

You won't get many dates even at a UFO convention in the Sahara Desert.



Check Kevin Trudeau on it

I think he's mentioned it in some of his books.


Mentions it in his book but he does so briefly and without emphasis. Actually his book Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About is what opened my eyes to what is wrong with the FDA.
Before then I believed the conspiracy theory that Noelle subscribes to which is: The FDA is functions for the best interest of the American people. The FDA is a fraud.
Every recent school shooting has one connection. All of the perpetrators were on SSRI anti-depressant drugs. The FDA knows these drugs cause mental illness, yet they continue to approve them even for young kids. Thanks FDA

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

Not to defend the FDA, but

they don't force anyone to take anything. Personal responsibility of both parents and individuals has to be considered. Why do doctors prescribe this stuff?


Thank GOD.

Thank God they don't force us to take this stuff yet. According to some of the Universal Health Care plans proposed by the Dems, there will be some manditory mental health screenings. This means if a Doc diagnoses you with a mental disorder you might be required to take meds. Will the meds be forced on you or...?

Psych-diagnosis is very subjective to each doctor, so different doctors might have very different diagnosis. Its not a true science.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

The kids

The kids aren't dumb.
The biggest growing problem with illegal drug use is FDA approved prescription drugs. The kids have trouble buying the rationalization that their or their parents prescription medicine, prescribed by the family doctor, should also be considered a deadly narcotic.These kids get their or their parents legal prescription, then turn around and sell it for an easy profit. If UHC is implemented, prescription drug abuse among our youth will skyrocket.
A poor young entrepeneur would deliberately mess up the test for the pills, they do it now.
How do I know all this? A police officer told us at the special PTA meeting on the subject.


That problem did not occur to me. Now that is a problem. Increasing the flow of perscription drugs on an illegal secondary market.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

No, but FDA does their best

If you have a huge garden, and raise animals or hunt for food, you can get away without eating what they want to push down your throat, and homeschool your child you can keep him off their ritalin, etc.70% of the food in a grocery store has genetically modified ingredients in them. Kind of hard for the average person to avoid it. I can manage to have non BGH raw milk, illegal of course, but the only milk my family can drink, and I live in country so can grow lots of food,and make my own medicines, and hunters give me game. But how can the average person avoid swallowing what the FDA wants them to take?

The good news is that

nobody even questions your right to live anyway you want. The bad news is that our culture is messed up and has turned to a lot of crap that, in the long run, is making some of us quite miserable. I work with teenagers 24/7. Some take prescription drugs that truly do help them. A few abuse them but nothing serious. Some don't even need them at all. When I was a teenager there were some kids that could have benefited from these drugs. They led miserable lives and suffered. Sometimes they acted out agressively. But they didn't have guns so the damage to the rest of us was minimal.


you almost had me.

You lost me at "Some take prescription drugs that truly do help them".
Here is how it works: my doc gives me a pain killer to help me with my knee pain. I run and jump now because the pain is gone. My knee hurt because my cartilage is damaged and it gets worse and I end up completely destroying it. Should I get even more pain killer? No there is something simple and inexpensive for this and all arthritis problems. Its called PROLOTHERAPY. I've used it and it stimulates your body to grow back cartilage. You take care of the problem at its source, you don't just cover up a symptom.
Same is true here...

Ok lets say there is a kid with depression and behavioral problems and he takes Prozac. All of a sudden he feels better and acts better. The active ingredient in Prozac is fluoride or fluoxetine. This substance dulls your mind and makes people more docile. In essence it is a CHEMICAL LABOTOMY.
Read the book: Toxic Psychology.
So what ever is causing the depression in this student, whom you believe is being helped by prescription drugs, is getting worse and worse until you have an explosion. Traditonal or Alopathic Medicine is only useful for emergency medicine period!

H-daddy if you're a real person you can understand this! If not I hope other people are learning. Ron Paul is the only candidate that addresses these issues by pointing out the need to abolish the FDA. The FDA contributes to Medical corruption

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

Better than books is observing the effects

on real people. I'm a real person and I observe real people; teenagers.(We were not talking about knees) Prozac, ritalin, and other drugs can have positive effects. I agree that some who take these sorts of drugs probably shouldn't.

Certainly the FDA is not forcing anyone to take this stuff.


If you have a bright child

in school who is a bit precocious, you will see if they actually force someone to take this. Very many schools will REQUIRE children to take ritalin.

I doubt that is true.

I am no advocate of ritalin etc. but I know firsthand that it helps some kids cope. Not the best treatment, obviously.


H-daddy are you real???

Fundamentally speaking here, do you understand treating the symptom as opposed to treating the cause?
There is no Prozac deficiency, there is no ritalin deficiency, or synthetic drug deficiency. If I drop a hammer on my toe my headache seems to go away, but what caused my headache was not a "dropping hammer on my toe" deficiency: )
You're kidding with all of your posts right?

You sound like a drug pusher. Those drugs don't have a positive effect they hide a symptom and they don't even scratch the surface of the cause.

Is it possible for you to understand something so elementary?

People reading this don't believe me, do your research don't blindly take Meds. You'll see your doctors are mostly ignorant about nutrition and alternative medicine.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

My original post read

"Not to defend the FDA, but they don't force anyone to take anything. Personal responsibility of both parents and individuals has to be considered. Why do doctors prescribe this stuff?"

I do not "push" any drug. I do know, firsthand, that for some the drugs do work. I am not debating symptoms and causes etc. I agree with you that drugs, as a general medical rule, should be the last option rather than the first. Thr RP connection to all this is his insight into the true nature of the medical "industry".


Multiple freqencies?

Do these machines work on multiple freqencies?

Yes, LovingRPinNV

Apparently, the machine has many different settings depending on the type of virus. It even suggests it can cure AIDS at the highest setting. I have talked to several people that know people that it has cured cancer and other things with it, but do not know of anyone personally.....which is why I made this post. Any others out there that have actually used the machine personally?

Bob W., Naples, FL


thanks for the info

The beginning of my "awakening"

When I read the title of this post, I had to smile to myself. Here's why:

A few years ago I became aware of the medical system and started reading and reseraching many things. I came across the Rife machine story and was outraged. Now I am totally into organic this and that, alternative health, etc.

Now, flip foward a few years and I watch the famous debate with the good Dr. and Rudy. I started to reasearch many things and once again become outraged and "awoken". Now I am totally immersed in the revolution, learning and getting up to speed on all things constitutional.

So, to my great amusement, but maybe not surprise, I see the Rife machine mentioned on the Daily Paul! So this is where the "wide awake" people are living!

I love Ron Paul supporters. I'm thankful for this website and the opportunity to continue learning.

God bless Ron Paul!


Interesting LivingtheDream

It is also how I became much more open-minded and open to the RP message. I was very sick, near death, from mold poisoning. I did much research, listened to Kevin Trudeau's cd's, went to natural doctors, ate only organic foods, only veggies, and started to come around. I then added Tony Robbins cd's about health and positive attitude, and became extremely healthy. I originally went to "regular" doctors and they were worthless. If I break my leg, I'll go to a doctor. Anything else, not a chance. Just take a look at all the kids that are getting autism......after modern medicine gets a hold of the mothers.

Have you used the Rife machine?

Bob W., Naples, FL

No I haven't...

Thanks be to God, I have not really been sick much at all in my life, except for a cold now and then. I don't even remember what I was researching when I came across the rife machine, but the fact that the other companies wanted to buy him out and when he did not want to give his machine up to them, they burnt his lab and destroyed his life's work. I was heartbroken for him.

I enjoyed very much Jon Barron's book, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors. He has mentioned Ron Paul and his support of alternative health freedoms on his website - jonbarron.org . We've done a few detox sessions and have a juicer and all that!

I'm glad you came through your health crisis. God bless you and give you continued health and stamina to keep fighting the good fight!


cheers and welcome.

There is a wealth of knowledge among us.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

Bunk Post.

Sorry bud. I've seen this work with my own eyes. Umm if it were legal to actually cure someone this technology would be researched more. I've found clinics in Mexico and England that use this technology.

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

That's what they said

About earnest angely - http://consumerist.com/consumer/ernest-angley/jesus-cures-ai...

but he is a fake too. And then there was that guy in the Philippines who people swore could cure cancer by reaching into your body - even Andy Kaufman tried that, to no avail.

I suppose if someone wants to waste their money using this, and then Die, I could care less, and let the courts sort out any fraud issues, but it does make it easy for statist who want to protect dumasses that would use this, and ,makes it hard for me to argue that people can take care of themselves.

Its like the guy in Montana that turned himself blue by drinking too much silver colloid. It makes it hard to argue that the the FDA lis not needed.

There is a need for the FDA


This link shows how good of a job the FDA is doing with its medically approved methods.

Article you might enjoy. There was a 50% drop in mortality when docs were on strike. Now if doctors were free to cure people I'm sure this would not be the case.

The blue guy in Montana looks funny but it would be nearly impossible for him to get an infection: ) Yes a simple case of over doing it with colloidal silver. I've used it as a very effective eye dropper on my dog when he gets infections in his ears or eyes. But I must admit there might be some placebo effect here, because I tell my dog "this drop is going to make you feel all better".

Deep down everyone is Libertarian.
Live and Let Live, form of government.

I just..

... used a rife machine on this forum topic and something amazing happened!!

Noelle's posts got smaller!