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Paul Vs. Obama. Obama = national gun registration?

I've watched here recently, and have witnessed people saying that they will vote for Obama if Ron Paul is not in the race.

A little piece of info that I thought was interesting regarding Obama, is on the gun issue. I've known he has been anti-gun long before now. And we all know where Ron Paul stands. He is fully behind your 2nd amendment rights, and he is not for registering your weapons, or you for that matter.

Yesterday I read where Obama is supportive of the microstamping bill that passed in California. That means your gun will stamp the serial number on the cartridge, and I think possible on the bullet as well. Well, how on earth can they know where that bullet came from, if the gun is not registered to the purchaser? You have to register that gun and serial number to a person, in order to find out where it came from.

Obama said he would favor this type of legislation on the federal level. He thinks this is the kind of gun control that all gun owners can get behind. The only way this can be done at the federal level, is to register all firearms, specifically newly manufactured ones.

Now ask yourself, do you REALLY want to opt for Obama if Ron Paul is not in the general election? Considering all the other dangers to the republic that we are facing now. Do we really want to risk national gun registration? More gun control?

Well regulated militia, does not mean well controlled and restricted militia. It means well trained, well funded, well armed.

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Gun Registration Is Already Mandatory

When you buy a gun from the FFL dealer, the background check paper you fill out is kept by the dealer. When the dealer retires or stops selling guns he has to turn over the documents (it's called the "bound book") to the BATFE.

The (awesome) movie Red Dawn mentions this in passing when they talk about the Soviets taking the bound book and rounding up the gun owners into the re-education camp.

Stop your silly arguments.

There are three in the race at the moment. Ron Paul was fully rejected by the republican party a long time ago and he does not want to run as an independent. The choice is between Obama, Clinton and McCain. McCain is an agent of a foreign government working for AIPAC. He is ready to fight many wars for them destroying America in the process. The two remaining candidates are Clinton and Obama. Some of us here are not republicans and have never been republicans. The republican party is full of extremists and hollow minded Zombies. We have to have a second choice. Even though Obama and Clinton are also agents of AIPAC, Obama is the least evil of the three.

We are here for Ron Paul. If not Ron Paul, we are going for Obama. May be Clinton as a third choice. Therefore, stop cursing our second choice candidate.

OUR second choice?

You got a mouse in your pocket?

Speak for yourself

For Obama as a second choice. If you actually GOT what Ron Paul is selling you would never vote for Obama.. it's the same as voting for Hillary or McCain... different faces of the same evil. So don't lump other RP supporters in with your ideals.. we'll write-in first.

Second-choice candidate.. give me a break.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Obama not MY second choice

Do some research on the people around Obama. Are you kidding??

Become a Precinct Leader
Donate to the Campaign

Donate to the Campaign http://ronpaul2012.com
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let me preface this comment

let me preface this comment with... I've never lived in an area where I felt the need to own a gun... and also with... I would also never take away another persons right to own a gun.... with that said...

couldn't the micro stamping feature just be a way to validate evidence when investigating a shooting trial? because that wouldn't require a registration of guns by serial numbers... it would just be a way of investigating if someone is innocent or guilty... right?

(honest question here... I'm sure you'll have Dr. Paul's explanation for me)

Because we're supposed to be able to overthrow the government

Not that I advocate shooting at police officers and federal troops, but the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with self-defense or hunting. It has to do with overthrowing the government. It's not too far fetched an idea when you consider a couple guys from Virginia decided to become traitors to their country and toss out the rulers.

In the event that the US government does go fascist on people the ability to abolish that institution has to be secured by the states, but an insurgency would be easily thwarted if they just looked at the casings and rounded up those who wanted to leave.

Think of it as securing the last line of defense if the US falls under tyranny, it's something the Federal government has no right interfering with; State governments are an entirely different subject. California was perfectly in its right to do what it wants, the people there can move to another state or elect different people to overturn the bad laws -but to make it mandatory across the US degrades the idea of the local government making the best decisions for its local population.

I say this because at the Federal Law level it allows the Congressional members from California (which as 53 Representatives) to tell the people of Utah (which has 3 Representatives) how to live. It destroys the idea of local, accountable government. It's really no different than Baltimore passing a law that applies to New York City.

Centralization is not the answer.

Consider this

Should you have a voice sample stored for evidence against you? Tell me what other right you have, which requires you to either register, give evidence from the beginning to have proof of it being you?

If someone thinks they need to take my gun and register it, do micro stamping, then they are effectively telling me that I am presumed guilty for now. I am pretty much expected to go commit a crime with my gun, so they need a way to prove I am innocent.

And on having never owned a gun. You can't dictate where you will or won't need a gun. Where you live has nothing to do with it. Living a good life away from crime, does not mean you are immune from ever needing a gun for protection.

But you absolutely cannot do micro stamping without registering the gun. If you register the gun, you must register the person who bought the gun. That's the way it works.

Obama is pure evil

Obama is UnAmerican and a traitor to the ideals of our founding fathers. I wouldn't let him babysit my goldfish--he's probably give it crack.

--God is still in control--

God is still in control...

Understand THIS about Obama

Obama and ANY OTHER CANDIDATE running, with the exception of Dr. Paul, of course, is that He (Obama) is and will push the mandates, charters, policies, guidelines,( and whatever else you call them) of the UN period. See the front page article about Obama's Global Taxation, posted by Jane. Also see www.newswithview.com/kincade/cliff207.htm

Obama is just proposing "an already in writing" UN agenda. It is not about ending global poverty, it is really about lowering the US standard of living, eliminating the middle class. Also a "small arms" eradication (disarmament) clause is worked into the deal.

Obama is

a wolf in sheep's clothing.