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Write To Galveston Daily News

The Galveston County Daily News (http://galvestondailynews.com) is a local Texas newspaper.

On 2/14/08, a reader submitted a letter to the editor (her letter appears below). I responded and urge you to do the same.

There was plenty more I wanted to take to task (RP is "at odds with the intentions of the Founding Fathers"?!?!), but alas, submissions are limited to 200 words!

My response, sent to the Galveston Daily News today, is in the comments section in this thread. Here now, is the reader's letter:

District Needs A Better Man To Represent Us

Are we really getting the most effective representation with Ron Paul as our congressman?

The presidential debates have exposed stubbornness and inability to compromise that is at odds with the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

Democracy requires negotiation and compromise to reach a consensus.

We negotiate and compromise in our daily life, at work and at home. Paul’s inability to reach consensus on vital issues makes him ineffective as our congressman.

He is a self-described Libertarian; if he is so enamored with Libertarian philosophy, why is he running in the Republican primary for Congress?

I welcome his participation in the political process and respect the views of his supporters as honest and sincere.

The question is, does he truly represent the values and priorities of the Republican voters in this district or is he using the Republican Party’s structure and established appeal just to get elected because he can’t get elected as a Libertarian?

If the latter is true, it is intellectually dishonest.

We need a Republican of conviction representing us in the U.S. Congress, not a Republican of convenience.

I urge readers to look at the sterling qualifications, impeccable character and genuine passion and sincerity of Chris Peden as our Republican candidate for Congress.

Peden is a pro-life, pro-family, conservative Christian who is a CPA and the mayor pro tem in Friendswood. He has a proven track record of not only fighting for our conservative principles, but of achieving conservative results. Paul is long on words, but a little short on results.

Just a few days ago, on the Michael Berry radio program, Paul said that being a congressman was his “plan B.” I don’t know about other readers but I don’t want to be anybody’s second choice.

The catchword for this year’s presidential election is “change.” It’s time for real change in congressional District 14 also. Paul is the past — Peden is the future. Let’s put someone in Congress who represents all of us, not just the Libertarians.

Letty Packard
La Marque

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My Reply

Here's what I sent to the Galveston Daily News in response. Let's see if they print it!


Letty Packard (2/14/08) asks whether Ron Paul truly represents the values and priorities of the Republican voters in the 14th district.

The names, locations, and contributions of individual donors for Ron Paul are on the front page of RonPaulForCongress.com for all to see. The sheer number of contributors speaks to Paul's wide-spread support.

Let’s look at contributions (source: OpenSecrets.org)

Ron Paul for Congress:
Contributions from individuals: 100%
Contributions from Paul himself: 0%

Now look at Peden's campaign:
Contributions from individuals: 35%
Contributions from Peden himself: 65%

Peden doesn’t make contribution detail public on his website. Luckily, we can go to http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00435776/31907... to see for ourselves where the money comes from. 22% of individual contributions are Peden's family or Peden himself. Hm, wide-spread support in the 14th District, huh?

More detail is at http://www.fec.gov/disclosure.shtml (search "Chris Peden").

On the main page of Chris Peden's website, he says: "It is clear that I better represent the priorities and the values of the voters in the 14th congressional district."

Well, at least the priorities and values of a few select voters, Chris.


By the way, my sources were:

Letty's Letter: http://galvestondailynews.com/story.lasso?ewcd=9cfb5e262813e...

Inspiration for my response (thanks, Ed!): http://countyseat.blogspot.com/2008/02/chris-pedens-cash-red...

Chris Peden's website: ht tp://ww w.chrispeden.org/main.html

FEC Itemized Receipts for Chris Peden: http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00435776/31907...

FEC Itemized Individual Contributions for Chris Peden: http://www.fec.gov/DisclosureSearch/HSRefreshContributorList...

FEC Candidate Loans for Chris Peden: http://www.fec.gov/DisclosureSearch/HSRefreshContributorList...

Credit Due

Also meant to include this thread" as a source and inspiration.