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Dr. Paul March Allies

Restoring the Republic of America is absolutely necessary if the founding father's doctrine of liberty is to survive. this preservation must begin with a revolution of ideals in which Americans unite and revolt against fascist tyranny, which in our time has been invoked by GW Bush and the neo-conservative philosophy of preemptive war and seizure of liberties. for this, the true patriots must answer the call of personal evolution beyond the fabricated media headlines, distractions and fear. for while the behemoth government enforces restrictions on life, the people must exert themselves all the greater to throw this beast off the backs of themselves, as well as their family and neighbours. All movements need a voice, today, one of the foremost speakers for liberty, though not the only one, is Dr. Ron Paul -current GOP candidate for the 2008 election. As you may or may not be aware, Dr. Paul has openly called for a march upon Columbia's District to openly voice dissent with the current policies of American government, both GOP and DEM. For the message of this march, Patriotic restoration of liberty, to prevail, as many Americans as possible must stand and be counted. The American freedom campaign [www.americanfreedomcampaign.org], though not associated with Dr. Ron paul's campaign [www.ronpaul2008.com] has great similarities in goals and ambitions. Thus, it would be wise to consolidate influence to reach the greatest audience possible. a march united under the common banner of liberty need not discriminate against one group or another, rather they should speak together in order that they might resonate more forcefully. So, if you're a member of either group, Dr. Paul's or American Freedom Campaign, please communicate together and organize a rally that will cause WashDC to quake!

AFC has approx. 10million members, that's a deep pool to fish from!
Naomi Wolf Speak about AFC and Ron Paul, seek 42:30 www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjALf12PAWc

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Democracy now and Al Gore??

Isn't Al Gore a big part of this group?
I'm not sure, but it should be looked into.

I am sure a lot of members would want to join us and
I love what Naomi says, but it would be good to make
sure this group is exactly what it says it is.

Does anyone know? Because the site is "Democracy now".
I don't hear about the Republic.
Even though they say 90% good things.
The founders warned about democracy-or mob rule.

So my question would be are they confused? Or is this a misdirection

I am not knocking this, but I think we should find out who exactly is
behind Democracynow.com.

What do ya think?

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