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Compulsory Evolutionism

Compulsory Evolutionism
by Fred Reed, posted at lewrockwell.com


note that Compulsory Evolutionists are fellow travelers of the regnant cultural Marxism, though I don’t think that they are aware of it. They display the same hermetic materialism, the same desire to suppress dissent by the application of centralized governmental power, the same weird hostility to religion. They do not say, “I think Christianity is nonsense and will therefore ignore it,” but rather “These ideas shall not be permitted.” The justification often is pseudo-constitutional: “the separation of church and state.” Neither the phrase nor the idea is found in the Constitution. If, for example, it is unconstitutional to have a nativity scene on a town square, why did no one notice this, certainly to include the Founding fathers, until at least 1950? One might point out, fruitlessly, that Creationism, communism, Christianity, and capitalism are all major intellectual currents and therefore ought to be explained to the young. Not likely. The free market of ideas applies only to one’s own ideas.

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What's funny is that there

What's funny is that there is so much applied science and engineering we could be teaching our children but everyone is so busy discussing "origins" that the kids are the ones who lose out.

They are not learning basic science. Why aren't they whining and crying about that instead. It's ok for the kids to be stupid about science in general as long as they pass the evolution "religious test".


bloody nonsense

I teach science, including the theory of evolution, and we discuss religion all the time. Maybe the author ought to spend some time in classrooms.....

Science teachers don't care if creationism is taught in schools.


What State Are You In?

I can get someone with a Ph.D. in a scientific field to teach the science backing the creation account and/or the biblical aspect., in your classroom.

Let's see if you meant what you said. Email me at G-E-M AT new.rr.com or look up GenesisEvidence.org and contact me there.

I am NOT

saying that creation theory is scientific, and I certainly don't teach that, but I always make sure my students understand that a religious understanding of nature can be as valid, and as useful to a person, as a scientific one. I tell my students, Science is a way of understanding based on evidence. Religion is a way of understanding based on faith. They love to think about this.

I live in NH but I will pass on your kind offer.


This is a wonderful article

I am a scientist and I believe in evolution.

I endorse this article.

atheist fundamentalists...

Even many atheists are getting a little freaked out about some of the aggressive militancy of some atheist groups....

I object to the tag of "atheist" - I'm not "anti" anything -

I'm just a "person of reason". To create a group that is opposed to religion is to create another divisive split in society. I do not respect belief based "isms". Belief systems are irrational.

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand

"The question is not who will let me- the question is who will stop me" - Ayn Rand