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"A Body of a Hundred Thousand American Flags" at the March is vital . . .

I think we MUST March on Washington with a large amount of American flags for every official banner or homemade sign --- for two reasons.

To those who will be witnessing the march on TV or seeing pictures of it in papers we need to send the very real, honest, doubt-less impression that we are marching because we are PATRIOTS of the United States and DEFENDERS of her Constitution so that any MSM allusion that we are somehow 'anarchists or Anti-American' can be visibly sullied.

We should also carry flags because I truly believe that police and whatever group will be marshaling our march will be MUCH LESS likely to get aggressive/offensive/use force on a "Body of a Hundred Thousand American Flags." The American Flag is the symbol of our country which exists to protect and defend our rights and liberties. We should march under this symbol with great pride and without fear.

Can www.ronpaul2008.com be advised to sell flags for the Rally March in it's store? Call it the "Raise the Flag" Fundraiser?

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I don't know that I agree.

I don't know that I agree. How about just letting everyone bring the signs, flags, messages, that they want to bring? Why does it have to be so calculated? Old Glory means a lot of things to a lot of different people. I'm sorry, but I would probably fly an upside down flag, because our nation is in distress. But that's just me.

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