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Naturalnews.com (Off topic)

Okay...so this is shameless self promotion, but I am so excited about this, I just had to share :-)

I have waited for a month after writing a sample article for www.naturalnews.com (formerly known as www.newstarget.com) which is run by Mike Adams. They finally published my article and on Thursday it was at the very top of the featured articles!

This could open up other opportunities in journalism now that I have been "published".

I'm going to post a link here and be sure to click on the google ads at the top and bottom!


Thanks for letting my exhuberance spill over onto DailyPaul :-D

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Thank you

Excellent article. I'm going back to using my inherited cast iron cookware!


wonderful article. There are many aspects to survival and keeping toxins out of our bodies is perhaps the first start.


you for the compliment!!


It's not exactly off-topic... people in the r3VOLution need to continue to educate themselves. Us surviving is a good thing, IMHO.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~


I put "off topic" because I have seen plenty of people on here get bent out of shape if the post didn't directly relate to Ron Paul, so I was just being cautious. :)

People seem to be chilling

People seem to be chilling out lately...


I can post an economic topic and get somewhat flamed, oddly enough. Too many people here at DP have brains tho, so usually the people flaming get flamed in return.. ;)

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~