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I read this today and found in captivating and fascinating. We have some very smart posters much more knowledgable than me. What are your thoughts on this? Is it really this simple to take down the IRS or corrupt government?


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I dont think this was the

I dont think this was the route wesley snipes tried to combat his fight. Ive seen others try to fight the irs in other ways- and its not always effective. I have never heard of anyone trying this angle and the author makes it very convincing. I posted this hoping to hear if anyone else had more insight on this. Im still investigating.

Just for the record

Lots of stuff is captivating and fascinating. Ask Wesley Snipes.

Unfortunately captivating and fascinating <> Legal and/or effective

If you are interested in learning the truth about taxation, I'd recommend visiting http://www.losthorizons.com and ordering a copy of "Cracking the Code - The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America".

So what your saying is:

We should all send a letter of Resignation for the position of Federal Officer. Then what we lose our job? We can then never file taxes again? What do we do when our employers ask us to fill out a W-4 Say no thanks I'm not a Federal Officer. If we do file do we fill the whole form out? Do we not sign it? Will they eccept it not signed. This brings up alot of questions.

Maybe you could try

Filing exempt, lining through "Under penalties of perjury", initial the line out, and sign the form. Then hope your employer doesn't kick it back.

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But even Ron does not

But even Ron does not support not paying them. Not saying it's a bad idea, just trying to open more discussion.

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I have heard Ron Paul

promote Civil Disobedience on MANY occasions.

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Very good article and thought provoking. It is true the federal government does not have automatic jurisdiction in any of the 50 states party to the Constitution. We know this is fact when they have to bribe and coerce the states into enacting any of their dictates such as federally mandated school issues, speed limits, etc. So the question has always been "How do they acquire jurisdiction?" The article goes over this in a fine and even convincing way. The writer just may have a valid point. Unfortunately, he included a single traceable reference. The article needs to be referenced and sourced. One would want to verify the points given before accepting it to act upon. IMHO.