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Bow Down Before the One You Serve, You're Going to Get What You Deserve

To those who haven't realized it yet, I just thought I'd point out that Noelle is an agent provocateur and a troll.

Don't feed the troll, just ignore it. Don't comment on Noelle's comments or comment on any thread by Noelle. It only makes the troll stronger if you give it attention.

Noelle = Troll

The headline is for you Noelle

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Hmmm...love the title

but don't understand it. Could you expand on it??

What does "ew" mean?


You sound like you've

worked for the KGB.

I have said many times, that people who label others as "trolls" are petty little tyrants who would crush the freedom of speech of another simply to make themselves feel more comfortable.

I have no idea who Noelle is but her posts seem reasonable, if not against the grain of DP. She is entitled to her opinions just like you are.