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Coordinated Pre-March on State Capitals?

Has anyone else had this thought? Perhaps we could all start there. I think that if we all took it upon ourselves to set up an earlier march on our capitals, it would help to build momentum and awareness.

I think it would be the perfect way to make sure that local citizens know the who's and why's. Local media will be fairly likely to cover
such an event.

I think it is imperative that we make this a very open tent. We have all been brought to Dr. Paul's message for various reasons. I keep hearing the sentiment that certain subgroups should try to bury their greivances, to further the greater cause.

I to the contrary believe that this type of thought is what has helped keep the majority of Americans inactive or divided. That has been our problem all along. We need to show that regardless of our differences there are many common truths that we hold sacred.

The Constituion brings US together!

I think that a spontaneous State capital march will help Dr. Paul know just how serious we are. THis would be a great opportunity to show our neighbors that there is still one person who will fight to get us out of Iraq. One person that is listening to the 70% of Americans who want us out. One person, R0n Paul, who not only supports our troops, but is supported by our troops!

Dr. Paul said we need to move rather quickly! This would be a first step that could be quickly coordinated and gather the steam needed to March on DC succesfully. Who else is with me?

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This has been discussed much

And I think it is a great idea. Many were suggesting doing it on DC day, which I think is a very, very bad idea. But a pre-march, I think is a wonderful idea.

Personally, I wish that each state would either do it right before their primary-as an option OR like you said, all on the same day. But either way to advertise the DC rally.

I lack the 'know how"

but I wish that we could start a movement to do this nationwide, and soon. With erveryday that passes, we stand to lose ground. I think that if we would get out and give RP this sign that we are behind him, we will see him react as well.

He wants to do this march! But he needs to know we are behind him. We have all given as much fiat as we are able. It is time to show him, our nation, and the world, we are ready for DC

Can anyone organize this? Is anyone organizing this? Time is of the essence.

Like Rolling Thunder

if you cannot ride to Washington then ride to your State Capital. Good idea.