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Do You REALLY want MEDIA Coverage??????

Guys and Gals we really need to push to get Ron Paul into NASCAR….this is so much more than just an ad on the side of the #36 and #22 cars….

It’s MEDIA Coverage…… Kenny Wallace has his own show on SPEED, is very Big with the Media….as soon as we get the money up for the sponsorship…Ron Paul will be a Household name among 200,000 million race fans!!! This entire team SUPPORTS Ron Paul…..

I know you are probably tired of hearing me preach this…but I’m tired of hearing everyone complain about how the MSM is jipping Ron Paul…..if you feel that way, then change it!

We now have a vehicle to do it….but we suffer needlessly due to lack of funds….

Why was everyone more willing to fund the Blimp then they are NASCAR and Kenny Wallace???
It doesn’t make any sense…..if you want things to change, then we all have pool together and make it happen….
Mr Lutz is doing everything he can to help us out…right down to bringing the down payment down to $50,000 to start……

I can not believe that everyone isn’t jumping at this…..


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It’s Race Day! Watch the Camping World 300 @ Noon on ESPN2!

I’m writing at 9:00 a.m. on RACE DAY!!!

Ron Paul Racing extends our best wishes for a safe and successful race to Kenny Wallace, Mike Bliss, and the whole Fitz Motorsports crew as they kick off the NASCAR Nationwide Series today at noon at Daytona International Speedway. Watch it live on ESPN2! [Update: Turns out that Kenny Wallace didn’t make the 300 mile race after all…sorry, Kenny! We still wish you the best of luck for the Daytona 500 tomorrow!]

Watch the race today and take note of how often sponsor names are mentioned by the commentators, team owners, crew chiefs and drivers. And then realize that for just another $25,000 RON PAUL can be one of those sponsors! (That’s right…Team Owner Armando Fitz is such a supporter of Ron Paul and our efforts that we can get on the track for HALF of what the normal deposit would be!

Want to see the value of having Kenny Wallace as a spokesperson? Check out this news release sent out by this PR team today. This is the kind of media support we can get with Kenny Wallace on our team! Want to see how much news coverage Kenny Wallace can generate? Check out the hundreds of news stories that mention him just this week!

All of us at Ron Paul racing sincerely believe that the NASCAR sponsorship deal we’ve put together is the most cost-effective Ron Paul advertising project ever, with the greatest potential to reach the largest number of voters.

If you agree that nearly 40 weeks of TV coverage (up to 4 hours PER WEEK), plus all of the other amazing sponsorship benefits, are worth $0.004 (that’s 4/10 of a cent) per audience member reached, then DIG DEEP and DONATE TODAY.




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