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The Global Agenda (Old NWO References-that are coming to pass)



The Global Agenda
© March, 2000 Discerning the Times Digest

The links below lead to information about the global agenda. Environmental catastrophes are being used to convince Americans that we must give up our Constitutional liberties and protections to save the earth and ourselves along with it. Most Americans are totally unaware of this agenda--including most environmentalists who are helping to implement it. Most Americans cannot accept that there are a few Americans that believe they know better than everyone else on how to run the world, and are willing to destroy the lives of their fellow man to gain power for themselves. They believe it could never happen in America.

Tragically, not only can it happen, it is happening -- right now! Unless their plans are exposed, the global elitists plan to ratify a brand new United Nations Charter in the year 2000 that will make the United Nations the world government that will impose a pantheistically based world ethic system (religion) on every citizen of the world. There is no accountability to the people, nor checks or balances in these proposed changes to the United Nations. History reveals that tyranny always results when accountability and checks and balances are not the rule of law.

First review the outline of the global agenda, and then refer to the numerous articles and documents that describe in shocking detail what is being planned for us.

Americans are increasingly successful in using these UN/US documents to expose the hard facts behind these programs. To find out more how you can help directly, go to

EarthSpin.gif (19935 bytes)Sovereignty International
Information on:

An Outline of the Global Agenda

How Environmentalists Intend to Rule the World

IUCN - The International Union for the Conservation of Nature

The President's Council on Sustainable Development

Agenda 21 and other Rio Agreements

The Commission on Global Governance

UN Restructuring

Revised Earth Charter

Other Earth Summit Documents

The Wildlands Project

The Convention on the International Criminal Court

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment

The UN Millennium Declaration

The North American Union

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