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Getting Closer!

We need about $5,000 more to break the 6 million dollar mark. Does anyone else want to see their name posted as we pass 6 million?


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$1,700 to go to reach 6

$1,700 to go to reach 6 million

$2,750 to go.....

$2,750 to go.....

Presidents Day Money Bomb

It has been painful to observe the s l o w pace of the donations to RP08 since the "announcement". However I am really looking forward to another overwhelming surge of support on Monday. We all could use a mental boost and the media attention a successful $$ day would bring to the campaign.
I would guess that most of us have already done more for RP08 than we have done for any campaign in our entire voting lives. That is certainly the case for me and I have been voting for 35 years! Let's dig deep, one more time. This may well be our last best chance to stand against the status quo.

Please spread the word. We must do the work to make this work.

Live Free or Die in NH

Live Free or Die

$3,100 to go

$3,100 to go

Closer and Closer!!! Remember Midnight Sunday!!! MoneyBomb!!

We should pass the $ 6 million 2nd Qtr Contribution Total Sunday!!!

Remember Sunday at Midnight E.S.T is the start of the President's Day Money Bomb!!!

Two Great Ron Paul Campaigns to contribute too!! Which Campaign will have the largest percentage increase over the 24 hour period???

A Great Race !!! Two Campaign Contribution Tote Boards to watch all day Monday !!!

New Donors, New Enthusiam, New Money!!! That is what Dr. Paul said we needed this week to continue to grow the Movement!!!

Let's make it happen!!!

$3,400 to go

$3,400 to go

$3,600 more to go

$3,600 more to go

Spare Change?


And that my friends is what is wrong.

The political process is broken because outsiders are allowed to pay for house and senate seats. True reform would only allow donations for a congressmen in the congressional district. That would keep all outside influence from hijacking seats, which has been happening way too long. Likewise I would keep all out of state money out of Senate and Govenor elections. This would make each congressmen accountable to his district only, each senator accountable to his state and each Governor accountable to his state. This is what the founders invisioned, not this gross misjustice of powerful money buying politicians.




Most of the Money

Was raised before super Tuesday and you all know it. The money since has only been a trickle.

As for his congressional seat, unless you live in his district, it shouldn't be your concern. Congessmen are elected to serve their district. they have no real power. Yea Ron is great at making midnight speaches carried on CSPAN and no one watching. Is that what we are trying to accept.



I Donated to Ron Paul's Congressional Race Last Time He Ran

And I'm in California.

There aren't any Libertarians in Congress, so Ron Paul IS the only one who represents me, votes for me, and speaks for me. I can't vote for him, but I can support him.

Congress is supposed to represent all of us. That's why Ron Paul and the two Nevada Reps voted against dumping nuclear waste in Nevada. More of Congress should have followed their lead to respect all of us.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

skewed viewpoint

i completely disagree with you. i have donated to people running in other states so that rp has some help in congress. i want other people around the nation to have the same kind of representation that the 14th district enjoys. i want people in office that will stand up for the rights of their constituents and stand up to the big government cfr's.

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looks like someone didn't do their homework and missed...

reading the main article at the dailypaul...

Help Protect Our Seat in Congress
Posted February 13th, 2008 by manystrom

If you listen carefully to Dr. Paul, one thing that you will notice is that he always refers to his seat in Congress as "our" seat. Not "mine" but "ours."...

Donations are NOT down--

We have raised well over 300,000 for Ron Paul's Texas Congressional run, besides for the 6 million this quarter!

under $4000 to go!

under $4000 to go!