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Dear Dr. Paul

I had nothing left inside of me
I thought there was nothing I could do..
Then I heard your voice
and was given a choice
My spirit soared and my heart open wide
I could rally with you at my side.
I spread the news to those who'd hear
of a great man so dear.
I pledged my task
and joined as you ask
A true patriot to the core
I went door to door.
Blimps, cars, planes, signs, and planes we waved
for the right to freedom,we wont be enslaved.
We voted by the land slides for you
only to be mocked by the media and our neighbors too
You ask that we gather in numbers as one
March on, March for liberty and peace it can be done
31 countries, 110,000 strong in 1500 mets
Lets shout "One for all, all for One" in the streets
Where am I now
that you showed me how.
Because of you Dr. Paul
I believe in love, that's all

A free spirit loving life
Pyatt AR