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Just shipped leftover signs to Ohio & PA - if you have signs offer the same

There are plenty of people in states that haven't voted yet still waiting to get RP signs...If you have signs leftover, even just ten offer to ship them to other states. UPS ground shipping is very cheap.

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I'm in Mississippi..

... but looks like others have asked first.


I'm Ohio

...you'll find me here under members as Kathy. Email me Kathy4RonPaul at gmail.com if you have any trouble with the link.


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I'm not officially a meetup

I'm not officially a meetup organizer, but our meetup does have over 200 members. I am however the coordinator over the two counties that make up our Congressional district here in PA and we are up to 43 PL in those two counties. I'm also a candidate for Delegate. We've been waiting forever to get our shipment from the campaign, so I'll gladly take them and trust me, I have people waiting for signs.