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Explaining The Subprime Debacle With Stick Figures

This is a great presentation that does a great job of explaining the Subprime Mortgage Debacle facing our Nation and the World.


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Really good.

..and scarily accurate.

Thank you, that was so good!

Thank you, that was so good!

sweet jesus.. that was REALLY funny

it would be more funny if it wasn't so serious! :(


It's both funny, and not funny at all.

Remember how the politicians proudly took credit for all the low income first time homeowners who never could have afforded a home under the old "rules"?

It should not be forgotten that rising home prices in the Fed-created housing bubble are what made many homes unaffordable to middle income families in the first place, not appropriate lending standards.

Housing prices have a long way to correct, up to 70% from the peak in some areas. It will take years. If people think it can't happen here, they should remember that in Japan home prices have fallen for 16 (sixteen) straight years, and their original bubble only doubled home prices. The typical Japanese consumer also has a lot more in other savings than the US consumer, who often has little to no savings and mounds of credit card debt.

Works perfectly.. ;)

I use this on people...


It'd be funnier if it wasn't true.. ;(

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Son accountant student at Loyola


He is supposed to graduate in May. I sent this to ensure that he will pass his exams. Now I understand it also.


Wow, I get it now. Thank you.

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That was great!

Most awesomest thing ever!