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Were they negated or stolen or what? In the initial La caucus he had the most delegates before dirty politics came into play. So he goes from having the most to none? Is the RP campaign legally pursuing this? And if not, why? Anyone have information on the current specifics after today's delegate election. I'm at a loss for what unfolded in this state. Exactly how many "bound" delegates did McCain pull out of La today? Huckabee? Dr. Paul?

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There was a Rump Convention

There was a Rump Convention today.
Go here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=121122

They are fighting the good fight - lots of dirty stuff going on.

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We only got about 30 delegate and alt caucus RP candidates to show up and we needed at least 75 to march out and hold a rump. It was just too late getting word out and too much bickering in some meetups to get everyone to show up for the state convention.

Liberty Freedom Peace

Liberty Freedom Peace

HQ owes us an explanation!

I am a Precinct Chair from NV and I'm sick and tired of being told by HQ to sit and wait while I continually hear stories like this. I have repeatedly asked for support and direction from HQ concerning the illegal voting practices I witnessed and public smear campaigns being waged by the GOP here in Nevada. A representative of the NVGOP repeatedly bashed Dr. Paul following the caucus where Paul finished 2nd and to date still NO official response from HQ. How can we continue to work our asses off to persuade voters to choose Dr. Paul when HQ just leaves us hangin' out here with little or no support... and now I hear that we may have screwed up LA because of MORE miscommunication... give me break... and give Dr. Paul a chance... time for HQ to get professional, no make that Presidential.

HQ is working on these items

They are responding one by one. I was one of three signing challengers in La. and they hired a huge expensive firm to represent up. I was frustrated with communication also, but it was all being done and when the time arrived for challenges they were here and we got it done.

Liberty Freedom Peace

Liberty Freedom Peace

If people didn't show up

it doesn't sound like dirty politics to me. It is what it is...laziness and apathy. Exactly what got us into this mess in the first place. People have to get off their asses and DO something. You can't phone it in.

Dirty tricks thought here-

RP supporters were "hidden" delegates in some areas.

Were the "supporters" who failed to show up as RP delegates "hidden" supporters for the opposition?

Not enough showed up

Look up the other thread for details but in short not enough Ron Paul people showed up to pull off the Big Plan -- rump convention and challenge the GOP today. I don't know whether it was poor communication or apathy but we can't win if we don't show up.

Full La story in McCain gains 50 in La and Mich thread

I was involved in the whole thing read what happened in other thread, don't want to retype

Liberty Freedom Peace

Liberty Freedom Peace

It was shenanigans and the

It was shenanigans and the LA people did not get it together to counteract it, as I understand it..

So Ron Paul goes from having the most delegates in La to......

NONE! Correct me if I'm wrong. All because of the fraudulent Pro-Life / Pro-Family slate from the initial caucus. Unf...ing believable. They are literally stealing the election. If it's not election fraud, it's dirty politics at the local and state level.

I think you're dead on right

I think you're dead on right there.

welcome to america

it's been goin on since this country was founded no?