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Is it worth it playing video games???

Just a philosophical question... I'm really into video games right now, and my whole life. I would like to know from ron paul supporters: Is it worth playing video games or is it just an intended diversion for the public by the elite? Are they worth it? If it is, what other hobby could I pursue for my spare time (im in college btw). Please offer me advice.Thanks.

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it all starts with reading.
O.k. I know your in school but find fun books and consume!!!!!

You just HAD to stick whacko conspiracy theory stuff in there

didn't you? Yes, the "elites" created video games for you to play as a distraction so you wouldn't notice them controling the world. If that's what you want to believe, then go for it. Make sure you wear your tin foil hat while playing the games too.


Its main stream news that the pentagon made the first "first-person" shooter game called "DOOM" to train soldiers to not hesitate at shooting people. Try and disprove that troll...

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

you are a complete idiot Noelle

Are they paying you to annoy us?

I'm statring to worry about

I'm statring to worry about my mailman too. He's been looking at me strange. I wonder if he's CFR. LOL



Todays video games are not worth it

I used to be really into video games as a kid, and just recently I worked for World Of WarCraft, so I wound up getting into that game for a year. Now a days, video games arnt the type where you pop them on and play once in a while for fun,...now, there much more intense , and require much more time to even get any enjoyment out of. For example, World of Warcraft, you have to level your character all the way up to 70 to even be able to get into certain levels and use certain weapons and such,....it takes hundreds of hours playing that game to even do that. I worked there, so trust me,....everyone working there was like a zombie, bot only did they work there 8 hours dealing with that game, but then afterwards when they would get off work, they would continue to stay there for hours playing the game, so it became there work and there life. Looking back on it, it was fun as hell for a time, but I found out very quickly that I had started living thru the came some how, it was taking up all my time. My advice is, the real world has much more to offer you,...getting informed is the most important thing a person can do right now. We have much to serious issues up head to try and escape from. If you can keep yourself to playing every once in a while for minimal amounts of time, I guess it would be alright. Personally, I have become much more fulfilled learning whats really happening in the world. Not preaching, just my advice

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

So Go Back a Decade...Or More

To be candid, I'm not quite sure why this question is here, rather than on, say, Yahoo Answers...it doesn't seem very relevant to Ron Paul...but...

...if you're going to play a video/computer game anyway, pick one that sharpens your senses, such that you are flexing mental muscles and will serve as transferable skills for real-life uses. An example would be the series of Myst games (Myst, Riven, Exile, etc.). You can only play these games once -- replaying is moot. Your powers of observation and reasoning will be challenged, and you'll thoroughly enjoy yourself in the process.

The original Myst was released about 15 years ago. While the graphics may not be up to "today's" standards, the game itself is timeless. The sequels are much better, graphics-wise, but do start with Myst. You won't be disappointed, and, you will have gained a greater sense of thinking out of the box.

Same here

My dad uses TV as his escape.
Drugs don't have to be chemicals. TV, movies and video games produce real (and measurable!) psychological changes. The difference between pot and TV is the organ of delivery (lungs vs eyes).

I used to play video games. Just like I used to watch TV. Whereas in the past I would spend 3-hours per day doing one or the other, I know spend that 3-hours per day reading.
After a year like this I became angry at myself for wasting so much time.
After 2, I was at peace with it and quit looking back.
After 5, 19 in 20 people I meet appear so ignorant that I question the validity of democracy in our current social climate of egregious waste and ignorance.

The problem with convincing people to stop playing games or watching TV is similar to the problem of answering the solipsist. Namely, that they have so insulated themselves from what is knowable that it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate yourself from the world that they try to escape.

They are too far gone. The only way to save them is either,
A) Prevent them from watching TV or playing games. Think of why druggies get sent to rehab. This has backlash associated with it. Just like any addict who views you as an obstacle to them getting their fix.
B) Leave them to figure it out on their own. Or not.

Ask yourself this.....

.."What is the center of my life?" Yourself,College,G_d, Video Games, Work? Whatever you picked will become the guide for your life. Pick wisely. And remember everything in moderation.

G_D bless
Attend a Church of your choice this Saturday

Just curious....

I've always wondered this. Just now deciding to ask:
Why "G_d" and not "God"?

Some Christians --

Some Christians -- particularly messianic Jews, believe that you shouldn't even say the name of The Prince of Peace, lest you get to cavalier in it's usage. It's easier to forget yourself and take the Lord's name in vain if you use it all the time. So they write a euphanism.

Just like in Jewish culture, you don't say His name. In fact it's spelled YHWY and in inpronoucible by human tounge.

Hope that helps,


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My husband always zones out

My husband always zones out on video games when he gets overloaded with stress. He uses it as an escape. My son also plays. They'd play forever if I didn't say anything. I think too much of anything isn't good.


Video games tend to be addicting. They aren't all bad, but this world sucks and you basically need to be working to secure your future as young as possible. Then you can relax.

This sucks, but life just sucks without RP / Constitutional Principles in place. We are pretty much chattel slaves.

The Flipside

The flipside of the above is that you take a menial job that's easy, live very modestly and then just play video games in your spare time - basically dedicating your life to it. I know a couple of younger guys that are perfectly happy doing it. In the current state of things, it might actually be smarter.

If you play on a computer

One thing you can do related to playing video games if you play on a computer is to learn to mod and map for games. Many games come with their own modding and level making (mapping) software, which allows for gamers to learn to make their own custom 3D environments (for non-profit only), which is very popular in both single player and multi player gaming environments. If you get good enough at it, it could land you a good job with a gaming company. (No gaurantees, but having past work to show off would probably be a MAJOR help)

For above 2 replies

I'm in premed right now so im not worried about a profession. Just worried for better use of my time. Thanks but still not sure if i should quit or not. Would respect more peoples opinions in this area.

Well, in that case:

Video games are just another "passtime." Just like watching something on the TV like baseball, professional wrestling, american idol, or whatever else. However, unlike TV it is said that video games can increase your hand-eye coordination; And if you play on a Nintendo Wii, you can actually get a little excercise playing some games; or if (must I say) DDR lol

Get a real trade using your

Get a real trade using your hands. Something like auto repair or maintenance. When crisis hits you have a better chance of being able to overcome it and be able to help family and friends

In moderation

I am 30 years old, and I love video games as much as the next guy. I just try to play in moderation. I don't think they were made to divert the public, although sometimes they work in their favor, but so do movies, drinking, riding dirt bikes, or anything else you may do for fun. I believe that there is a time and place for everything. As long as it doesn't consume you and your entire being, then I say play on!

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" (Romans 1:22)