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How you became a commodity-Important! Relates to Fed.

btw: you can reclaim sovereign status,and hold 'dual citizen status' as well [US and American-And many African Americans are eligible for Moor Nation passports,issued by the dept of state,as they(these many) are not from slave lineage.


The Feds have got everyone with a birth certificate and a social security number to become subservient to them. During our signing up for an adhesion-to-the-federal-body-politic birth certificate and social security number, we didn't know it, but the Feds used these applications to create two implied (unwritten, called "constructive") trusts in which we were duped into giving the Feds a "security interest" of ownership in our bodies. They trade these security interests (a monetized copy of your birth certificate, and a monetized copy of your social security application) in international commerce as if they were money. Presto! Your body is now the collateral on the national debt. And you didn't know about it or knowingly agree to it.

76 American Jurisprudence 2d "TRUSTS" section 210: "Promise, agreement or contract - Generally speaking a constructive (implied, unwritten) trust does not require any agreement between the parties - either actual, or express (in writing), or implied, to create the trust, Rather, a constructive trust generally stems from the equitable powers of the court."

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Sign on the dotted line or you don't get the job...

Your signature on the above said documents, and any others you may have signed years ago and forgotten, makes you: a human resource/collateral on the national debt/goyim/chattel property/institutional unit/slave/expendable. Just cross out the word: 'signature' and write the word: 'by'.

They can have it

I am sick of this body!! If they want it, they can have it!! There is a bright side to everything.

I'm definitely *just* a "commodity"

This Fed aspect is new, though.

I already feel like a "thing" because recruiters in the job market now use automated programs to send SPAM e-mails to every jobseeker who matches the keywords:(

Even worse is that most callers have incomprehensible accents and want to read the job description to me (during primetime cell phone minutes) for a job that requires 50% travel, is on the other side of the country, that I am not remotely qualified for, for $10-$15/hour less than my recent rate and on 1099 vs. W-2! (And if I don't accept it, an H-1B visa person probably will for an even lower hourly rate).

In 2006, the FBI warned about identity theft in the job search market.

AT&T here in Chicago requires *full SSN* as its "gatekeeper ID". And I'm supposed to give that to *total stranger foreigners* on the phone to even get submitted? I don't think so!

You want to see a really scary site (in addition to http://www.zabasearch.com)? Try http://www.pipl.com/ - it's part of the "deep web". Even my birthday shows, which is half what you need for identity theft.


it's getting crazier....but,if you look at it like your SS# is not really 'you',b/c you gave up your sovereignty based on fraud/misrepresentation,[this is how you can reclaim it-b/c you did not know that you were giving it up when you 'signed' the contract,b/c the full extent of the contract was not fully revealed.],it lightens things up a bit. Sort of. I mean,you know you are not your SS#.

Just bumping this once

b/c it really is *news* to most people-that your SS# is a 'social security',quite literally,and you signed over your body to the gvmt.

That's why my son doesn't have one.

The actually tried to give him one shortly after birth and I returned it because I has spceifically REFUSED him one on the brith record, but the state misread it. SSA actually took it back and cancelled the card. His only record of existence is his BC. Sure I can't claim him on my tribute forms every year, but I am able to cover him on my medical insurance no problem.