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Fema Trains to Evacuate Hurricane Victims?

They're calling this a disater plan to clear people with "special needs" out of Gulf Coast cities in case of emergency.

FEMA looks at expanded use of trains in hurricane evacuations

published by the Associated Press on Feb. 11, 2008


Just a possible segue? >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P-hvPJPTi4

Also look at Readiness Exercise 1984 >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_84


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FEMA Trains? Ugh.

Lemme guess... The first stop will be a place where they can all get a nice, hot "shower" ?


Complete with community steam room, just remember to pile your cloths and effects at entrance.

Arbeiten macht frei!

Work will make you free! Now shut up and move to the back of the cattle car, uh, human resource transport; there are more institutional units to cram in there you ungrateful schweinhundt!