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A new war for the Neocons. Serbia and Russia. Gotta luv it.


(This province of Serbia has more coal and copper and metals than Russia has.)

I doubt there will be an election 2008.

We have Iran and now Russia to fight.

Didn't George say he always admired war Presidents?

We have come to the point that a Mothers Breast Milk is a threat to the government,,,,,,, And endless war is not.

Didn't any of you study Orwell.

Or has that been dropped in the school system.

Fear your Government!

There will be no elections the way they are behaving.
Your children will be in the Armed services!
hero's for Bush!

Face facts folks, We can destroy the earth (no life) 200 times. Maybe more. Russia can do the same maybe 100 times. China maybe 20 times. Israel and Pakistan, UK, France and Germany, I'm not going to try to guess.
Try to understand this!
Destroying the world just the one time is enough.!

Think about it.
You can't destroy it a second time.

I disliked Gore (VP Leiberamn, but isn't he now wanting to be McInsane's VP.).
But Cheney had a bunker built under the Vice President's residence. Just in case. I guess just in case 911 started a nuclear war.
Well these politicians take good care of themselves.

What do we have?

Maybe honest elections?
Balanced reporting of news?
Maybe a debate of opinions and options?

Kiss your kids goodbye and what is left of your saving up for one day when you will retire or even be a little bit free free of these people.

We have to move our political message to a new dimension.
It doesn't matter if you are GOP or Dem or Independent.
We all want to be free to live OUR lives, and screw the Federal Government for starts.

One world government. You become salves!

Surely you care! !!!!!!!!

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Orwell's name was never mentioned in schools.

Only math, science, english and spanish were pushed.