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Does the Media Push the market or does the Market push the media?

Do you think that the media is pushing it's ideas upon the public, or do you think they are catering to the demand of the market?

For example does the media not report on Ron Paul because they choose to push a private agenda, or does the market demand they talk more to the other candidates.

If any of us was a channel director on youtube, for example, would we not produce video's which would appeal to the widest audience? You may have the most relavent point to get across on your channel, you may have the best intentions in mind. Yet if there is no market (Nobody clicks your channel) then you would be out of business. Now would that force you to change your contents to the markets demand, would you not post a picture of a girl in a bikinni just to get hits, regardless of the superficial nature of a video like that?

Seeing the turn out at the poles and looking at the numbers objectivley, is the media not reporting on paul because of the low market numbers?

As a company who's purpose is profit does it not make sense they would want to reach the largest audience and therefore cater to the other candidates with the larger crowds?

The Media's purpose is not to be fair, it is to make profit.

That being said, if the market pushes the media than we need not concentrate on perswaying the media attention, but rather the markets. If we create a large enough market than I believe the media has no choice but to follow suite. As the media follows the marke, otherwise goes out of business.

Should we not stream line our efforts? Instead of just marching on DC should we not start using our base to recruit others, as well as lobby congress across the land? Should we not focus more on exposing legislation like the patriot act and the military commisions act? Posse comotatus and habeous corpus?

Concentrate our effort on dislodging the newest and least entrenched corruptions first. The Fed and the other departments have been engrained into the peoples sense of the country. Making it Harder to dislodge these obstacles as effectivley as attacking the newer more obtrusive laws.

Im sure If the Paulites were to band together by concentrating on one particular legislation, and work vehemently. Could you imagine if we together got one of these dangerous laws repealed? Our numbers would only grow as they do when any army has a victory. Somthing to rally behind.

We can't look at this rEVOLution in small terms, we must work together in a concerted effort or we are simply ineffective, unorganized and usless. Talking on the internet and waiving signs is one thing, striking tyrannical laws at the heart is the real battle.

In order to change the market we must have victories in some shape or form. The money bombs were victories, but those were just battles, we are fightin a war.

So shape up or ship out, do you really think there is no competition out there? As we speak, yes, right now there are men working together to push the oligarchy they so feverishly and persistantly pursue. If there army is stronger, more organized, more effective? Well you do the math, do you wonder why it seems they always win?

Be real about your prospects and goals, instead of just blaming everyone else for the lack of interest, make it interesting. Shape your strategy, your goals, become effective in more than just one way, attacking legislation, at the same time you are promoting Ron Paul. Work hard, work tirlessley and maybe just maybe the market will shift our way. If you fail to see it for what it really is than this is all just a pipedream.

Im am well aware of the influences of rogue elements of this goverment, but this is a free country and if the market they created flows as they wish, it will be. You want change, well be ready to compete.

Losers Find Excuses, Winners Find a Way.

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advertising industry

Silly question. There is an entire industry built around the idea that the media pushes the market. It is called the advertising industry and it is huge. It is huge because it works and it is an accepted business principle.

You want discussion? What's to discuss? The media can push the market if it chooses to, or the media can be pushed by the market if it so chooses. It is the choice of the media and in this election the media has chosen to push the market. The media has chosen a total media blackout of Ron Paul to push the market for the other candidates.

Most schools of journalism that people attend in college will talk about honesty and integrity in journalism. Professors talk about remaining unbiased and reporting all sides to the story. Then the student graduates and gets his first job and finds out that his editor has an agenda and that agenda is to push the market rather than being pushed by the market.

How's that for discussion?


Yet if no one was intrested in what they were selling they would be out of business. They could push chia pets all day and if the people are'nt buying the market is'nt there, any campaign will flop. So it goes hand and hand, the people as well as the media play into eachothers arms. It takes two to tango in the world of T.V. the station offers and if your buying what there selling, well guess what?

Personal accountability is part of of this, it is not only the oligarchy who conpires against you, it is the people as well.

Awaken the people and you will undue the spell.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.


I was going to post the same thing.....the media pushes the market to create a need or a want....you just don't realize you are being sold.

I've been through this before

It was a little different, but not that much. The Vietnam war had much of the same problem.

The money we are fighting is the money that Bush & Co. are putting into this "war on terror." The money, trillions of dollars, are going to their friends and supporters aka the "contractors" for this Iraq war. They see Ron Paul as an end to the big rip off.

They scream for the money by saying "support the troops", while the troops get none of this money. Billions of dollars are just being wasted in Iraq with no accountability. This is money given to the "contractors."

The really sad part of this is that it is being done on credit. We still have to pay for it.

They are not going to give up this cash cow easily and they have a lot of power and influence. From what I see they have control of the media via Clear Channel, Fox etc. This is a LOT of money.

The same thing happened in the Vietnam war.

It's the old cart before the

It's the old cart before the horse.. or who came fist chicken or egg games.
Personally, I believe there are those who control power.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


Do they control people? Using there desires to blind them from reality.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

Can I get some Conversation In here?

Can I get some feedback in here? Whats up fellows, are we posting just to see our names on the front page, or we here to conversate and work together? I don't mind contrasting view points, just interested in what y'all think.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.

The Seeds of Truth we Plant today will grow to be the Tree of Freedom tommorow.