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May I ask this?

May I ask this?
On February 17th, 2008 Ron Aldof says:
There seems to be a One Party mindset here. The GOP. There is another party that has been taken for granted. The democratic party. Why is it that all the effort of change is put on changing the Republican Party? When both parties need to be changed. Back when. The democratic party was very conservative. Mainly in the southern states. There are congressional districts that will never go Republican. These house seats always have democrats in them. Why not run people in these districts on the Democratic tickets with the same mind as Ron Paul.
There are still people out there conservative in nature that believe that the republican party is for big buisness and the elite (Which in many ways they are.). They will only vote democratic. So why not run conservatives on the democratic ballot? Ron Paul needs help in congress to get his ideas passed. This could if some democrats have the same mind set. Be a bi-partisan movement. Just as the liberals use the bipartisanship of liberal dems and liberal repubs (Like McCain) to get laws passed. I think it would be benificial to the cause to infiltrate both parties.....Your thoughts?????
My 2 Cents!

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There are some drawbacks to...


First, everyone in Congress calls for bipartisanship. Americans call for it, but they don't know what they'll get! Parties, whether there are only two...or six viable parties...provide a check-and-balance system.

The more parties, the more checks. Currently, we only have two viable parties that work together to prevent third parties from being viable. The only way to end that is to end their narrow mindedness, and you can only end narrow mindedness by being involved in the party and reforming its ideas.

The reason we're targeting the Republican Party is because we all believe in limited government, personal freedom and responsibility, and fiscal conservatism. That is the platform republicans pay lip service to, but fail to uphold once elected.

If we try to do this in the Democratic Party, we would have to first change their entire platform then get the Democrats comfortable in publicizing their newly found conservative values. That will never happen.

I'm sure there are some Kucinich people working on the Democrats already. Us Paulites are focusing on the Republican side.

When you mix the two together and try to reform both parties...along with their constituents...you end up with a candidate like John McCain, who is too democrat to rally the Republicans, yet just Republican enough to put off Democratic voters.

"Good answer". It seems that part of the reason for the present

"Good answer". It seems that part of the reason for the present mess is that representatives and senators did NOT stick to party principles. And then you get your muddy waters.

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Would it not be easier if

all ron paul like politicians ran as either Libertarian or Constitution party candidates? This will help strengthen these parties, making them more competitive, and giving the voters a real choice. An honest and strong 3rd party will accelerate the popular desire for a restoration of the rule of law.

God will work with you but not for you - Walter Russell

"Be wary of those who know the truth. Align yourself with those who are questing for the truth." L. Gardner

They've been trying that for the last

37 years with absolutely no real success.

They are all heading for the same destination

Just down different paths to get there. At the national level, Republicans are still globalists, which means they ascribe to collectivism, perhaps not openly, but they are doing it. Democrats are collectivists and are enabling the transformation a lot faster.

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I have a hard time seeing it

but I don't have anything against trying. I think the Democrat principles are collectivist in nature, while the Republicans are individualistic in nature. The GOP has, of course, forgotten this but this is their history. I have no problem with one of us running as a Democrat. I kind of liked what I saw about Mike Gravel. I would certainly vote for a Democrat. I would much rather vote for even a collectivist with some good ideas rather than a neocon.

Free and Brave
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You can't have both

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both