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The Honesty Bond

I was listening to RonPaulRadio.com when I heard this...

The Honesty Bond Rules

February 10, 2008

Bond all politicians for honesty and performance now

Every time you hire a professional that individual is bonded. That bond is put up by the professional to ensure their honesty and that they will serve your interests. It is a kind of insurance of good faith. The Honesty Bond allows Americans control and oversight over the elected officials in which the so much trust is necessarily invested. This is another kind of insurance.

Your Congressman or President can, obviously, wreak havoc unimagined by your housecleaner or accountant.

You might ask yourself why we did not long ago insist on electing only those who put up a bond. Ask them, when you have a chance, why they do to such lengths to avoid accountability.

We need honesty. Therefore, we need to demand that each individual standing for election be bonded. We cannot wait to pass laws. Since they control our access that will never happen. Instead, we need to stop electing candidates who we cannot hold liable and remove. The Honesty Bond also allows us to decide the potential cost of electing any individual in advance.

What if people express a wish for, say Hillary Clinton, to be bonded for honesty and no company of good repute is willing to risk their money on her ability to tell the truth? ...


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I'd like

to tell Hillary to go do something to herself and it aint' bonding.... ooops. But seriously, we have that here in NH with our legislators. We ask them to take the taxpayer pledge. And you know what? The forces of evil are in our town meeting passing resolutions to demonize them for that like it was something bad to be fiscally responsible.

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Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
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Yes, go for it

Go tell Hillary you want her to bond herself. Challenge her and tell her to challenge her competitors. Create a little more interesting news than we have had lately.