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This is going to be a great week in Texas!

Dr. Paul will be appearing at several events this week in his adopted home state, starting with a rally at the University of North Texas on President's Day, and rallies in Killeen (closest town to Fort Hood - huge military population!) and then at the University of Texas on February 23 with live music at the latter (it _IS_ Austin after all). The weather forecast for this week looks to be perfect for outdoor activities like canvassing, lit/sign drops, and, of course, Ron Paul rallies!


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A very busy week in Texas. Glad we can still do this. I converted another person last night who was like hovering overhead just wondering where to land. I'm still calling and talking to people. Canvassing tomorrow and the next day.

The other people in the race are so impossible. They say NOTHING. Obama is all raw-raw, Hillary is losing popularity, Thank you God, McCain seems to barely be holding his body, much less his campaign, together. If the Gop wasn't rolling him into a ball every day, he would fall apart. I always think of him answering Dr. Paul's economy question in the debate. It was pathetic. Huckabee would be below Paul if our elections were not rigged.

We can't let the media deflate us.