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Ron Paul on CSPAN 2004

updated 2/18 5:45am

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Hey, I don't get it? Near

Hey, I don't get it? Near the end of the second clip the guy asks Dr Paul if Bush asked him to vote for him. When was this interview done?

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The title says 2004....

The title says 2004....

Where's the rest of it?

It was good, standard RP fare that we have chosen to admire and support. No surprises here. But then the host begins to ask a question of Dr. Paul, about something in the New York Times and the video just stops.


Youtube rejects videos that are too long

It's an hour long video that I had to split in seven parts for Youtube. Look above for the links to the seven clips.

You can watch the entire video ((1h 1mn 12sec) at Google Videos:

This is the C-SPAN link to the entire video, you need to copy-paste in Real Player:
rtsp://cspanrm.fplive.net/cspan/project/ ter/ter_wj082704_paul.rm

Or you can download the original video (57.3 MB):
[If you do not have a Rapidshare account, just choose the free option and wait 1 minute]

Real Player (free version: 11 Basic)
http://uk.real.com/player/ (less)

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For this kind of logical & common sense speaking, he/we are kooks? We are the lunatic fringe?

I love showing videos like this to people that are not RP supporters or who have not heard of him yet.

I'm still campaigning hard, I hope you are too.

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