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Only a Pro-life candidate will get the GOP nod, says Brownback

Brownback who dropped out of the race to the White House, said today, that Ghouliani will not get the GOP nod of approval , only a Pro Lifer will.....hummmm, now who could that be. Let's see, Ron Paul is pro-life, and against the death penalty, so that would be pro-life from cradle to grave. Unlike any of the other candidates.

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If this were in anyway

If this were in anyway prophetic of what is to come then Brownbacks statement of who will win the nomination really narrows the field.
Guliani - OUT
Thompson - OUT
Romney - Out

that Leaves (in order of vitality):
Ron Paul - Big Money, rising polls
Mike Huckabee - low money, low polls
John McCain - zero $, medium polls
Duncan Hunter - in debt, low polls
Tom Tancredo - in debt, low polls
Alan Keyes - no money
John Cox - Hey I'm tired of people ignoring candidates


Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.

Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.

Pro-Life Props

then see..


Viva Agora!

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