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What Change Really Means

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Since 9/11 America has certainly turned into a top-down police state, but true post-modern fascism requires a popular movement to usher it into power. Bush has created a dictatorship out of the Presidency, now the next step towards fascism is being marketed to exploit the desire for change. The depressed national mood, due to the war and economic recession/depression has compromised sane reasoning and courageous opposition needed now more than ever. This has created the conditions for a newcomer to magically appear with a message of hope, using the mantra 'Change', wrapped in a swooning fever that has infected the young and left liberal excuse machines, such as 'Move On' who were never serious about stopping Bush/ Cheney and the war.


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Isn't it unbelievable

That to sway the masses you usually can throw one word out there, that really does not define anything. The big buzzword most of these guys are use now is "change", without saying what they plan to change, and you see everyone lapping that up. Hey, the plan on OWO or NWO, non-stop wars, being taxed to death for the rest of the word, and having a complete police state most certainly will be a CHANGE but is that what we want??
How can people be so totally delusional, they never even bother to ask what change really means, it is just assumed the new person is going to make everything better than it is without saying how.

Sheeple will be Sheeple

I'm from Iowa, and people used to joke about sheep farmers "Mating" with their sheep. Although, we really didn't think it was happening. Now I'm Convinced that this activity is the reason for the downfall of this country. We really didn't know it was as big as it was. All these people Mating with Sheep. Now we are paying the price. Even though the creation of a Sheeple first began with the union between a person and a sheep, now there are so many Sheeple out there that the sheeple have started breeding with other sheeple.

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, But What Your Country Is Doing To You.
The Only Thing We Have To Fear, Is Government Itself.