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The War With Mexico or The War On You aka Illegal Immigration

To get the discussion ball rolling on what is probably the single most important issue of this election (though America largely doesn't realize it) I am re-posting a few of my earlier posts today that were under a different thread.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate in the field that will seek to stem the tide of illegal immigration fight the invasion from the South. The American middle class is under attack and our government has taken the side of the opposition that seeks to dismantle America a we know it.

We must help Dr. Paul get the word out. The government controlled media will not.

Addios America!

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Oops They Devalued Their Currency

Wait...aren't we devaluing our currency too?

The destruction of the Peso, a history......note the Keynesian Quote

Can there really be ANY doubt we are headed for a NAU?

John Maynard Keynes: "Lenin was certainly right, there is no more positive, or subtle means of destroying the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate secretly and unobserved an important part of the wealth of the citizens. The process engages all the hidden forces of economics on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose"


The Merida Initative

Feb 8, 2008 Congress Gives OK to aid for Mexico

"That proposed first installment is part of the three-year, $1.4 billion Merida Initiative – named for the southern Mexico city where President Felipe Calderón and President Bush announced a new framework in the drug fight that includes more direct U.S. assistance. An additional $450 million is facing a vote later this year."The U.S. Congress is offering $1.4 BILLION of taxpayer money to the corrupt nation of Mexico with the hope that it will be used in that country’s war on drug cartels. It’s quite a generous sum of money, and one would think that any nation receiving these funds would be grateful to the American people.

But not Mexico.

In an UNBELIEVABLE statement, Calderon reacted to the possibility that there might be some conditions on the donation as follows:

“I cannot accept any submission or subordination…Give it to me. And give it to me without conditions!”



From Mexico With Love....Valentine's Day

From Mexico's President
Mexico President: We Will Help Migrants in U.S.
****Please Note He Wants to INCREASE migration to the US*****

Thursday, February 14, 2008 10:48 AM

LOS ANGELES -- In the most Mexican of the big U.S. cities, Mexican President Felipe Calderon told his compatriots in Los Angeles late on Wednesday he would give them more support in the United States while improving conditions back home to stem the flow of migrants to the north.

"We will work in both countries. I want us to begin a new era in the relations between our government and the Mexican migrants," Calderon said in a packed ballroom on the final leg of his five-city tour to the United States.

Seeking to address historic complaints that the Mexican government failed to help its millions of citizens working in the United States, Calderon said the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles will soon open seven days a week to meet demand for documents and support in legal and labor problems.

The population of Los Angeles is about half Hispanic with Mexicans accounting for the vast majority of Hispanics. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, whose father was a Mexican immigrant, symbolizes the growing political influence of the community.

Calderon made the difficulties of Mexican immigrants in the United States a cornerstone of his maiden trip to the country as Mexican president. His visit comes in the midst of a U.S. presidential campaign in which illegal immigration is one of the most contentious issues.

Earlier Wednesday, Calderon urged California lawmakers to help his government address illegal immigration in a way that will benefit his country and the United States.


California is home to about a quarter of the estimated 12 million immigrants working illegally in the United States, whose hopes of obtaining legal status were dashed last year by Congress' failure to overhaul immigration laws.

"The prosperity and economic growth of the United States would not be possible without the Mexican labor force," Calderon told the Los Angeles crowd.

Calderon criticized U.S. media organizations, which he did not name, that have fueled anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican sentiment and reported that Mexico's government wants to promote and increase migration to the United States.

"We need to generate the conditions for work, opportunity and a dignified life so that these people never, ever have to leave," Calderon said. "We don't want to be a country that expels its people.

Luz Diaz, a 42-year-old nurse who came to the United States at age 4 and has dual nationality, said she was encouraged by Calderon's dedication to making Mexico's economy competitive.

"I loved his plans for a better Mexico," Diaz said. "This is my country but his speech made me miss my culture very much."

Calderon struck a final note of emotion and defiance, encouraging Mexicans to persevere in the United States.

"In Mexico, we miss you and think about you a lot," Calderon said. "You work hard for this country and help Mexico at the same time. Don't give up." (Editing by Bill Trott)

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