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Breaking Camp?

My father just called and told me a story and informed me that I would be thrilled by it. He was right :)

He said he was listening to talk radio in Orlando, FL. He couldn't remember which program. He thought it may have been Rush. He said that they were discussing delegates and that a man called in and said that he had a friend that was a delegate. When they were choosing delegates the people there said, "You're voting for McCain, right?" the man said, "yes, that's right." But what he didn't tell him was that there was an underground movement to break camp and vote for Ron Paul.

My dad said that the radio announcer told the man that "that was crazy" and that if that happened he would take the guy ice skating on some lake in Orlando and promptly hung up on the caller.

Just thought that I would let you guys know that maybe all is not what it appears to be.

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Weekly Standard and Bill Kristol support Pede

enough said. There are 14 banks under investigation on the mortgage fraud. When they bring in Carlyle, BX, KKR, Bain, Providence Equity, Apollo,warberg,Cerberus, Lee, news corp (WSJ and Barons) heads will role. The one party candidates of the council of foreign relations wealth stolen from America. Daddy Bush at Carlyle, GW on the Baseball team... Or perhaps look at Clinton came to Washington DC making 35k a year and now 5m to wife's campaign.. I would ask the 14 district to step up and be real Patriots and Vote Legally for Paul twice on March 4.. This mortgage crisis will make Enron look like child's play.


It could be realistic and signal some growing uneasiness, which could grow further. Remember, we can probably NOT expect any proof of this (except for individual people, but they should be cautious: one cannot really expect them to come out with their names etc...someone with the McCain camp probably spying would just identify the person and see if they can replace with another delegate or try to hinder the person from the RNC). Just because this will not be proven now, does not mean it can't be true. It would be quite fun if there is such an upset and can imagine how there people may feel. They thought McCain was a maverick, but found out he will be like Bush 3 and the president has much more power now than in 2000 or ever in the history! and they do not want Bush 3.

Let us focus on what we can do:
1) get as many delegates as possible in the remaining primaries
2) educate and inform the elected delegates to know more about Paul, some of them could be persuaded
3) focus - perhaps during RNC possible - on the anti-war delegates that did vote for McCain, we could persuade them to vote for Paul, as well as the pro-war conservatives that do not like McCain.

Particularly since McCain "moved to the right" to get the

nomination, but now will "go to the left" to attract some democrats and independents. In this movement to the left is where the opportunity/reason lies for delegates to oppose him.

just curious -

does you father know what time he was listening to the radio show? There's a good chance it might be one of the local talk shows, a few of which brodcast nationally on satellite radio.

I will see

if I can find out. I'll call him tomorrow and ask.

Are Romney's delegates bound to McCain because Romney is

supporting McCain now? It doesn't matter if the Queen Mother herself supports McINSANE, that still doesn't make him electable! I just can hardly wait for the Swiftboating by the Vietnam Vets against McInsane, and then either Clinton and/or Obama will finish him off! The GOP is running and supporting him because the WH was promised to Clinton by the CFR friends and family and the GOP knows McInsane will be an easy target!

What about Romney's delegates, aren't they all free now to vote for whomever they wish during the first round? Someone please clear this up for me. Thanks!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-


They are urged to vote mc but are free to vote for whomever.


They are urged to vote mc but are free to vote for whomever.

Dirty Pool....Payback?

We are EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS that the electronic voting machines have had CFR FINGERPRINTS all over them. But, how to prove it? Indeed, it seems the only way to have won was to fight fire with fire. But, we didn't and haven't. It would be nice to have a computer virus that could re-infect the machines to be HONEST again, the night before an election. But, I don't even know if that's possible. If it was, I'd be for ALL COUNTIES PURCHASING SOFTWARE VIRUSES to REINFECT THEIR MACHINES.

THAT would guarantee integrity of elections, at least, as far as the machines were concerned.

It WOULDN'T stop manipulation of vote tallies at the MAIN MACHINE where they input final results into spreadsheets, where some votes could be flipped.

FRAUD is sickening, and it just goes to show us how much we are really under a government of RELENTLES AMBITIONS, without regard to the masses, and focused, instead, on absolute tyranny.

I don't know if this would work

And it would probably be blamed on us if it was.

Libera me, let the truth break, what my fears make--Leslie Phillips

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Two beautiful conversions

Just in the past couple of days, two people have come over who did not know this is where they wanted to go. So exciting. They were so awake and ready to land, but didn't know Ron Paul was what they wanted.

deep throat

i suggest everyone go read that thread over at the forums linked below.

in that thread, you'll also read that the GOP is looking for over 8000 volunteers for the convention.

see here---

again read the thread and you'll realize how fruitful volunteering could be.

another inspiration from the deep throat thread

I guess that I am really frustrated over the media, what Louisiana GOP did, the New Hampshire nonsense, etc...

Sometimes I believe the only way we can win, is to play dirty like everyone else.

I wish this were not the case, due to the fact that Ron Paul is so honest, it might look bad for the Revolution.


As frustrated as any of us have been, are, or might be, we should remember that, even though it's unofficially, we are representing Ron Paul in what we do, how we do it, what we say, and how we say it. What would Ron do? I respect, admire, and love Ron Paul for the man of character he is. All of his supporters should aspire to emulate and reproduce that level of integrity, honesty, and character.

I admit that I'm confused.

It might feel like justice given the treatment by the GOP & the MSM, but how exactly is this going to play out?

Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination and then the rest of the US piles on top of us & call us "cheaters"?

I'm still not clear on that part.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” - Mark Twain

Underground Movement?

You state that there's an underground movement among delegates to break camp. How do you know this? Where's the evidence of this?

Nice try !

The reason why there are underground movement is due to the corruption gonig on. Who knows, you could be an infiltraitor. The Ron Paul revolution has wised up to the old stream media, elitist corp.groups tactics. We are every where. If you think you know who,what,where,when,why and how, maybe you do maybe you dont.
Keep on keeping on Ron Paul patriots. Continue the surge.


Are you on crack? A guy doesn't have the right to ask for evidence from somebody positing a conspiracy theory? Here's your tin foil hat.

If there is an explicit proof that anybody could see

then why would it be called "underground"?

Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi

Hate povery, not the poor - Gandhi

I don't need explicit proof,

I don't need explicit proof, I need a reason other than your unblemished word that there's anything to this claim.

Of course all is not what it appears to be...

How many times was EVERYONE encouraged to become a delegate?

I'm on the ballot for PA primary and I know what I am going to do!

I've signed no allegiance to anyone except my conscience!!!!

Isn't freedom what we are fighting for?? or did I miss something???

BTW - What happened to all the loyalty when asked to sign up as a PRECINCT LEADER? Look at that "tote" board - shame on everyone here pretending to support Dr. Paul!

Shame on the slackers. Money is very important, but our TIME is more valuable.

Thanks to all those who give their time too...


"THEY" know about this

"THEY" know about this movement. it's not a secret anymore that we are jumping on the chance to become delegates. this is why Romney and Bush Sr. came out in support of McCain. think about it. if the nomination is such a lock like the MSM leads us to believe why all the support? it's because it's become apparent to them that the Ron Paul people aren't going away.

Yesterday there was a story on Yahoo how all the Michigan delegates had vowed their support of McCain. i was about to forward it to a buddy when it disappeared. i think they also said Louisiana delegates were doing the same. i don't know why the story vanished, but it was put out to break the spirit of RP supporters.

all the delegates in Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado and Massachusetts are free agents now. and many of those states RP got second in the popular vote. so don't let them fool you into thinking all of a sudden they've decided to support McCain. if this march takes place before those states have their convention it could have a huge impact in swinging the people of those states to our side.

we must do everything within reason to make this march a success. it will have a snowball effect. don't tell people this march is about Ron Paul because you might put some people off. tell them if they're tired of being taxed to death this march is for you, if you are against the war and want the troops home this march is for you, if you are tired of our jails being filled with people who smoke weed this march is for you, if you are tired of the police beating on you this march is for you, if you are a veteran and feel we deserve more this march is for you. we need to reach out to all communities. everyone deserves freedom regardless of race or religion.

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in - Bill Hicks

they think that they are there delegates.... hmmm!

Romney and McCain may think that their delegates are theirs. Maybe they are maybe they arent. We'll see ! The Revolution is everywhere. Much much larger then anyone expected. And it continues to grow daily and even hourly.
Just watch the numbers. The message is out. And we are tired of the corruption. Move onward fellow patriots. Do not waiver. There will be bumps and bruises. Freedom is not free. However we do not have to give up anything to be safe and free. We have sat back to long.
Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul ! HE'S STILL STANDING !

Just want to say "thanks" for your comment =)

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

That's all well and good but, Isaac has a point

Bound delegates must vote for the nominee on the first go round then, if there is no clear winner, they can vote however they want. Unless of course you're an unbound delegate ,of which there are fewer, and you can vote for whoever you want.

My friend just signed as a delegate for his precinct in GA. He said RP supporters made up about 25% including one of the directors. Oh, it was easy a pie.

Bottom line is if you haven't signed to be a delegate please do so as soon as possible. It's very easy to do and involves very little time.

2 more Delegates in GA!

My daughter and her boyfriend became delegates yesterday..each in a different precinct in GA!

They couldn't get over how easy it was! They are both new supporters of only a month ago and havesince joined a meetup and my daughter is chairman of her precinct!

They are both working full time and also going to college full time nights and weekends ....so they have no time for the forums ...they just jumped in and cut to what is most effective and important!

I am very proud! :-)

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd


Are we talking about bound delegates voting for someone else on the first round, or is this about the hopes of a brokered convention and delegates becoming unbound...?

What "binds" a delegate?

Delegates are not bound by law. It is only the GOP rules in each state that may say delegates are bound.

Repeating for emphasis - delegates are not bound by law.

A very interesting thread on ronpaulforums discusses this and other very important items to think about: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=121298

Some States

In some states they are bound by law and in others they are bound by oath. But to me and many others our oath is our law. NJ is bound by oath for three votes to McCain. Breaking that oath, other then a moral betray of the voters of the state of NJ is punishable by the party preventing you from being elegable to be a delegate in the future.

Would it be worth taking that bullet for Dr. Paul?

I'm thinking of long-term plans here and I haven't thought that one out at all.