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How to take on the CFR

as time goes on, i see more and more in to the future, more calls to action, getting officials elected to congress, the senate, and even governor's positions.

there is a great website to continue this fight!


learn it, live it, fight it,

we should get a website together that has a dvd bomb taking place for this, as well as slim jims,
and we should focus it on the states that haven't passed legislation yet.

and there are states that have already enacted laws that prohibit such a union.

so as we fight to get paul in the white house, and many other elected officials, we have a duty to defend this country from the likes of the elitists globalists.

its not the war on terror

its the war of the elitists!!!!!


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they are the zionists

911 was a zionist job it is the whole of humanity against these devils. visit prothink.org

Gettoutta here shill! It's

Gettoutta here shill! It's obvious that you and a few others I've seen are deliberately trying to increase the "anti-Semitic" rhetoric on Daily Paul. I completely criticise Israel for what it does, but trying to describe all the evils in the world as being the result of a "Zionist" or "Jewish" conspiracy is just frankly inaccurate, and it's very transparent what you’re trying to do.

We're On To You

Stop promoting that anti-Paul website. You're just trying to divide, go away.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels