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Possible "anti-semtic" disinfo shills on Daily Paul?

Maybe we've just got a bunch of genuine racists and a few innocent but still foolish individuals, but I've seen a number of posts here now from multiple users saying things like "Stop acting like a Jew" "It's a Jewish conspiracy" "Zionists traitors" etc and others linking to Eric Hufschmid’s website and another disinfo site called "I am the witness". Now I fully disagree with the disgusting actions of the state of Israel, criticism of the people who run that country and the apparent "Zionist” duel-citizens in the US government is legitimate in my opinion. I also feel based on the evidence that Israel in one form or another had either some kind of prior knowledge or degree of complicity in 9/11.

What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

But is it possible that the shills posting here have decided to increase the "anti-Semitic" rhetoric in an attempt to make us look like racists to new people reading the site, to distract and divide us and to attempt to foster bigoted feelings amongst us? Who knows, but regardless I do not like the offensive "stop acting like a Jew" type comments one bit and will flag each one I see, I hope everyone else will do the same.

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Once again Troll and

Once again

Troll and Provocateur

please flag and delete

Racists are not part of the movement.

They may like some of the benefits of freedom, but only as it suits their purpose.

Congressional Black Caucus

What is racism, anyway? You have these groups Balkanizing (Pat Buchanan's term) into racial groups for purposes that benefit only these groups. Why is that not racism?

Try to be accurate with the "who"

There is a small group of men who have well placed operatives in the political, military and intelligence branches of the U.S., the U.K., Israel and others. Some of these guys are in the media all the time, some of them aren't.

It is no secret that these people want one world government and they have said so repeatedly in public forums.

It is not a conspiracy. It is their honest belief that this NWO thing would be best for humanity.

If you can't figure out that it is NOT..then...God bless ya.

Trying to blame it on the Jewish people is silly, counter productive and what the "small group of men" want. They have done what they can to establish "control" through the federal reserve, the large public banking institutions, the media and the congress, the judiciary, the military and the executive branch of numerous governments for the simple reason that that is the only way a small group of men could control the world enough to impose their "system" on all of the inhabitants of the world.

Not as complicated as Alex Jones would like it to be really...is it?

So, stop talking about the lackeys who represent a mixed bunch of Christians, Muslims and Jews and stick with figuring out who the real bad guys are and exposing them.

A lot of that is going on here...thank God.

As far as your title, I suggest that you are working against yourself. Follow Dr. Paul's suggestions closely and leave the concerns with "this group" or another to the sites that like to sell DVD's that are designed to scare people.

We are winning this fight. If you don't agree with me that is fine...you just aren't paying attention.

See you in DC.


I think it's even more

I think it's even more simple than the question at hand.
People are sick of hearing about the holocaust day in and day out. NPR will have a story about Israel every single week. It's as if no other countries exist in the world. I'm looking forward to a day I hear a story about New Zealand or the island of Crete. We all know the Holocaust happened to some extent. But if one questions certain aspects of its "history" you get labeled. Why? Is there something to hide?

The truth needs to come out even when its about sensitive issues. Questioning something is neither taboo or treasonous. It's called research to most.

Anti-semitic rhetoric is repugnant on it's face. To "hate" someone because of their ethnic or religious background disgusts those of us who actually have a conscience about said things. But most often it seems the "anti-semitic" labeling is used to stifle free speech and to that end it mostly serves to scare people away from the larger problems. And that larger problem is the REAL issue surrounding the middle east. Israel is the watchdog of the middle east. It has nuclear weapons. It helps to enforce the fiat money system of oil denominated in dollars. That's it. The U.S., the U.K. and Israel are the three stooges involved in all the current wars of aggression.

The religious slant is one that gets my goat. It's used to brow beat Christians into defending America's support for a system they don't even understand. Very sick when you think about it. Christ wouldn't support it thats for sure.

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.

not hate, just a fact

that rothschilds and kissenger (controlled bilderberg meetings) share something in common.....

I have seen anti-semitic

I have seen anti-semitic comments on here and deplore them. Bush is evil, and a Christian, Rothschild is evil, and Jewish. Albert Einstein and Jesus were Jewish and good. Dr. Paul is a Christian and good. What does religion have to do with it??

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Help the campaign now and write about this topic later

I will not comment on this thread. Here is my plea to all of you:
Please fellow patriots, I know how addictive this site can be. But we are waging a campaign here and these daytime hours are valuable time when you could be helping Dr. Paul by making phone calls on behalf of the campaign! These threads are all very fascinating but our main objective should be to get the word out, spread the word and get the job done. Please, please take an hour or two or more of your time (and if you are not already a precinct leader sign up and then you can get online) and make phone calls to people in other states who have yet to vote. We do not have this valuable time to waste. Pick up this thread after you have done your duty or when it is too late in the day to make calls. This week I contacted 50 people in MD and will call 50 in Ohio and then I'll do some more. The great news is that 4 RPR won their congressional primaries in MD!! Please use this weekend time when most people have unlimited calling on their cells. Thank you.

I also agree

agreed! Let this topic go to the bottom!

Yea I agree, I'm sorry if

Yea I agree, I'm sorry if this is becoming an unnecessary distraction I'd just seen one too many "it's the Jews" comments here and decided to say something about it. I'm not going to comment again in this post and if it gets out of hand I'll delete it.

Yes, I'm sure this comment isn't anti-Semitic

"On February 17th, 2008 bohdan the patriot says:
911 was a zionist job.hanging zionist traitors is not anti-semetic.visit ae911truth.org prothink.org iamthewitness.com"

This was on the "why are so many on DP anti-capitalist" thread. Those of you who defend these types of statements are only hurting the Revolution.

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

No way now that is

No way now that is disturbing, ae911truth.org (which is "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" and are respectable) is filing a lawsuit against the Simon Wiesenthal Center for their conflation of ae911truth.org and "radical Islamic Jihadi sites".

AE911Truth Response to Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

ae911truth.org are very credible and so it's no wonder there's an attempt to discredit them by first relating them to "Jihadi sites", and now it seems disinfo "anti-Zionist" sites that do nothing but make genuine criticism of Israel seem invalid.

Thank You

A voice of reason.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Precision please.

To be anti-Jewish is racist, counter productive and unacceptable to most people here.

To be anti Zionist is a political position and very arguably an anti-racist position at that.

Question, what is Anti-Jewish?

Is saying or speaking the truth About the Jewish people who own and run this country a racist thing. And yes, the do own this Country. If you don't know that much then just keep stepping and don't bother to argue your point.

Read the Talmud and then we need to see who the real racist are!

Not all Jews are Zionists.

We just have to be careful about logic.

Elephants are animals.
There is an animal in my yard.
Therefore, there's an elephant in my yard?

Not all Jews are Zionists. In fact some Zionists are not even Jews.

Plenty of Jews have nothing to do with Zionists. For example Norman Finklestein is Jewish. But if you call him a Zionist to his face he might punch you in the nose.

It is legitimate to oppose Zionists and other coercive secretive groups that have a vast preponderance of Jewish members for what they do; and to point out the evil nature of the members.

But thinking people correctly object to Zionists mislabelling anti-Zionists as anti-Semetic.

It is similarly objectionable to blame all Jews for the actions of Zionists.

"Is saying or speaking the

"Is saying or speaking the truth About the Jewish people who own and run this country a racist thing" it is when it's inaccurate. "The Jewish people" don't run the US, in the same way the Jewish people don't run Israel. Why the hell are you - like a Nazi - trying to lump an entire innocent section of society into the actions of a small criminal elite which you have misidentified the nature of anyway? I am not Jewish myself, but I know the Ten Commandments and I know real Jews follow that. What you're doing is making any legitimate criticism of Israel seem illegitimate because you're deliberately confusing real criminals who are not real Jews period, with innocent people. Why?

And I'll Post It Again ...............Just To Make Your Day

If you are not big enough to read between the lines, not toss the baby out with the bathwater ect. You do it to your own demise sniveler.This is an absolutely fascinating article that is rife with coverups, intrigue and murder surrounding the biggest school shooting in American history.Cops told to stand down and let the killing continue? People murdered and ran out of town after?????? Whats going on here???? You can flag it or let it ride and if you flag it I know where you stand Ron Paul is Tru...


Why is it than whenever anyone disagrees with Israel

they are labeled as racist or anti-semetic? Seems the only individuals that deserve this type of slander are those who are slinging it. Please refrain from using this ugly terminology which only serves to degrade the user. People here have a right to their opinons without being labeled. That's what you call free speech.

No, disagreeing with Israel is not called racist

or anti-Semitic. There are arguments to be made against Israel's actions, against Jewish groups in America and against Christian groups in the name of Israel, (and probably some others) but once you start to divorce the members of these groups from the actions then it becomes racist, anti-semitic and/or prejudicial.

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

Free and Brave
or Cradle to Grave
You can't have both

Those that choose to divide

are called Agent Provocateurs.
There are plenty here on dailypaul.

"...provocateurs deliberately carry out or seek to incite counter-productive and/or ineffective acts, in order to foster public disdain for the group and provide a pretext for aggression against the group..."


It's the anti-Ron Paul nonsense masquerading as "support" that we object to. These people are simply trying to slander and discredit Ron Paul and the campaign.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I can just about guarante you that I have donated more than you!

Let me get this straight, you do not decide who supports Dr. Paul and who doesn't. Who are you to question whether someone really supports Dr. Paul.

The same people who will not put Dr. Paul on TV have taught you to feel the way that you do. What is wrong with that picture. You are a sheep and have no idea.

Just grow up and stop regurgitating everything you have been taught by the MSM. We Ron Paul supporters know what it is to be a real supporter, not some dumb sheep who can't think for himself. I am not calling you a dumb sheep but if you feel you are one then there is nothing I can do about that is there?

Go read the Talmud and then get back up with me. You speak on subjects that you are not educated on for right now!

What In The Wide, Wide World Of Sports. . .

are you talking about?

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Yea but if you read that

Yea but if you read that post I criticized Israel heavily and even stated that I think there is at the very least clear evidence of Israeli foreknowledge of 9/11. It's this inaccurate "Zionists are behind it all" mentality which is one of the things I'm objecting to here, not legitimate criticism of Israel. Also there are people on Dailypaul posting garbage like “Stop acting like a Jew” and “it’s a Jewish conspiracy”, that’s just bullshit which I don’t think should be tolerated here for a second.

Can you say USS Liberty?

Can you say USS Liberty? MSM, Banks, Fed Reserve, Hollywood, Books, Newspapers, Magazines,makers of pornography, and those who believe that you can go to a Country and rip the people out of their homes and say, this is mine because God gave it to me.

Bring these kind of things up and your considered what? Anti-Semitic? Let's not forget devils like John Haggee either.

There are great men who are real Jews, Ben Friedman, Walt, Mearshimer and many many more but those who want to take over the World who just happen to be the same people throughout History who have tried to get by hook and crook always seem to be what race? Let's just make them the Muffin people.

Yea that's it, the Muffin people are doing this to our planet.

It's not just the "Zionists"

It's not just the "Zionists" who want to "take over the world". It's not any one group, others would say the same about "the Vatican/Jesuits” or the "WASP mob" or Bilderberg? It's ALL of these groups working together, the "Zionists" have done disgusting things but it's ignorant and inaccurate to think it's only them.

Let me try to be nice and not go so hard on you!

Listen, one group of people have got us into two World wars, have enslaved the American people with taxes and own all the News orga-Nations in America. They own all the books you will read and all the Magazines you will look at from time to time.

They decide what you will watch on TV and What you will see on the silver Screen. They own all the Banks and have bogged this Country down in another War.

To say anything about them, regardless of it being factual or not you are considered Anti-Semitic!

My Dad was a preacher and till this day believes that the Jewish people are God's chosen people. He would blow America up for Israel. I on the other hand am an American firster. If there is such a word. I believe we are all God's chosen people and no one race has that position tied up for now.

These Muffin people as I will call them are not for America. They are for the New World order. Don't you people understand that we pay taxes not on services but interest that was not their money. We are slaves. They don't have to house or clothe us they just take our money and to confront them we are told we are the haters.

What's wrong with that picture. Don't you find it hard to swallow that a muffin person owned all three bldg. that went down on 911? Give me a break, the white man is the most hated man on the planet and is told how horrible he is everyday in the news media. Wake up! White people and people in General are pitted against each other so that the muffin people can lead us down the road and destroy our Country and enslave us.

Don't take my word for it, Go read the Talmud. No, better yet, go buy one at the local book store and read it. Uh oh, that's right you can't. Read what the muffin people really think about anyone who is not a muffin person.

Then until you have done that, keep your opinions to yourself because thats what they are, opinions not facts.

"seem to be what race?"

"seem to be what race?" "These Muffin people" - first of all you sound like a Stormfront Nazi, secondly what "race" are you talking about? Sephardic Middle Eastern Jews? Or Ashkenazic European Jews? And thirdly "keep your opinions to yourself because thats what they are, opinions not facts." - I think you would be best served talking your own advice there given the enormous ignorance and bigotry you've displayed.

I'll break it down for you:

Who funded both sides in WW1 & 2 and wanted the groundwork for a world government laid with the League of Nations and then the United Nations in the aftermath of those wars? "The Jews"? No it wasn't an entire group of people, it was the world power elite who are comprised of all sorts of different people - all of them scum in my opinion but not "Jewish". Also during WW2 the Zionists in the power elite approved of Hitler's demonization of ordinary Jews because they are not real Jews and saw how it helped their agenda. But you seem to be talking like a genuine 1930s German who can't distinguish between members of the power elite and ordinary Jews with this sick reference to "the Muffin people".

Alex Jones has done great work exposing the NWO, the attack on the USS Liberty and everything in-between that you mentioned. But does he blame "the Muffin people" for all these crimes? No, he correctly points out that it is no one single group and that it's a collection of groups working together, but I bet you think he's a "muffin man" also right? Please get a clue.

Get your facts right!

Maybe you need to hear a true American tell you for yourself!


Listen to a man of integrity who was there and knows what was going on. He was part of the Machine. Look up Mr. Freedman. Go to that site and educate yourself and now I say again let this thread die because you do not know how to handle the truth.

You have been brainwashed by the MSM and have no idea who is running the United States and how we have been taken over and are at this very minute slaves.

In the words of that actor, You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!

He sat at the meetings with President Wilson and undertood the whole plan.

read this after you have listened to one of the greatest American's of the 20th Century!