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NEW VIDEO: Ron Paul Gets Knocked Down

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gramatical change

...needs an edit

from: "....willing to fight to!"

to: " ....willing to fight too!"

Wasn't Sure... But, "Stop Pretending...PROVE IT" = I Love it

Wasn't sure I cared for it initially...

And when I hit the "Stop Pretending We all Love Ron Paul!" page I was kindof incensed.

Then I saw the next page, and LOL ... it was GREAT!

Good Job!

Thanks! Sorry for

Thanks! Sorry for misleading! :)

Nice video! Thank You !But

Nice video! Thank You !
But I think you should spend some time, using your creative juices, to make future TV commercial campaign clips.
I am a little bit surprised that people are spending so much time making new you tube vidoes addressed to us, to assure us in our, inwavearing already, support for RP and spend 0 time to create 30 sec. TV campaign clips.
You know better than anyone else it is not 1 step process. You can learn how to do it , if you start right now. I can imagine that it is very difficult to pack right message in 30 or 15 sec. piece, so you can learn how to do it by doing it.
I am amazed that by this time we don't have several good 30 sec. videos to critique on and polish it for the different audiences.
In a very short time we need many of them. Let's help campaign to have them ready when they need them.


Awesome and inspiring! Thanks!