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Framing the question to reach the core "libertarian in every American"

Yesterday my husband and I visited friends who know we are Dr. Paul supporters. They too are follwing the campaign season carefully and have given the good Dr. a cursory look. Their main comment to us was of the variety, "he doesn't have good communication skills to reach all the people" and other similar things we have all heard before.

Next, my husband asked whether they prefer government resources to be pooled at the comunity level or federal level. They immediately answered, "at the community level because each community has different priorites and needs" Bingo!

We all know that Dr. Paul is the only candidate that is advocating and pushing for this shift in government. We know that most people when given the choice spelled out like that, will also want the same shift.

How do we bring this together and make people realize what they are voting for this election? Is this angle useful to introduce people to Dr. Paul?

Just sharing this with you all here in case it helps restart any stalled conversations.

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Something to remember

Almost everyone is mostly libertarain but most people don't like libertarians. This is the crux of the problem. To combat this I don't even pretend to represent libertarianism. Instead I just give specific examples of how Paul is just like you and shares your same views. For a conservative republican this is easy, but it's ironic how a conservative republican will in the same breath berate libertarians.

The other method is to convince people, or more specifically let them convince themselves, that McCain is not in their corner, not our candidate, and not the best choice. Once they reach the point where McCain is truly no better than Obama or Hillary then the light bulb comes on. To do this politely have all your ducks in a row. Courtesy is the key. We are all very enthusiastic about Paul but the fact is most people aren't. So, when the topic comes up, present the facts. Bring up as little possible yourself and instead let them bring up the issues. When they say, "Hillary is just too liberal". Politely say you agree 100%. Then with your foot in the door calmly and politely say that you are equally concerned about McCains liberal agenda. Cite George Soros's financial support of both McCain and Hillary, their shared views on gun control, etc, etc. Present both "the other guy" and McCain as equals but don't directly bash either one. That's when the "yeahbuts" start. You take it from there. Give more specific examples of why Paul is better. His voting record, his honesty, his consistency, etc, etc.

I used to entertain the thought

tthat most people were libertarians, but I don't believe that anymore. Most people don't want a free society. They want to be able to get free stuff at other people's expense and want to force their morality on others. It's a minority that want a free society.

good strategy

Thanks for the post.


Stress the Constitution

He is the only candidate who wants to obey the Constitution. Aren't we supposed to be doing that anyway? Why is that such a radical position? If the others want to be above the Constitution, doesn't that make them more emperors than presidents?

Educate them that the Constitution was written to limit the gov't.

The fact is that

most people who vote don't care much about the message. They vote according to things like your friends point out. They vote based on personality and salesmanship. They don't care about the message as much as they do about the messenger. That's why it was always very unlikely that Paul could win the election. He's not a salesman personality. Even if voters agree with him, they won't vote for him because he doesn't seem "presidential." The question is how to you get the average voter to look past personalities and vote on the issues. I don't know the answer to that. I doubt that it's even possible. It would require a very intelligent and objective populace. That's something we just don't have. If Paul was more of a salesman personality he'd probably be doing pretty well.

At our caucus

here in Washington a woman and her family were voting for
Romney.Her eyes lit up when she stated"he just looks so presidential"I wanted to say-so does a used car salesman but I didn't because I wanted her to vote for me to be a delegate and she did,even though she knew I was for Ron Paul.Anyway,this is the mind set that we are dealing
with!Maybe it's the flouride in the drinking water?

Well, maybe if we all

Well, maybe if we all chipped in and bought him a $400 haircut....Oh, wait, that didn't work for that other guy.