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Badges?!? We don't need no stinkin' badges!!!

Or do we?

I posted about this in one of my lengthy posts on the convoy thread, but it applies to all DP'ers (and all others) headed to DC for the March by whatever means.

I have made initial contact with a vendor who can supply creative and professional name badges for us, with custom text on each to display things like DP name, real name, home town, etc.

We'd need to agree on some limited number of graphic designs to choose from for the quantities I'd hope to be looking at, but we can get these reasonably priced and ensure that some portion of the proceeds is donated to the March fund or the campaign, to be decided later and largely determined by how we'll fund the March, whether by separate fund/PAC or as part of the main campaign fund.

The vendor is also able to produce very high quality custom t-shirts, with a design we create for the march or possibly each person's name badge on the shirt. These also could be tied to fundraising.

Once we have a set date we can finalize designs and I will look to start trying to gauge demand and ramp production up quickly. Anyone with graphics skills is encouraged to contact me soon on this thread or through my DP contact and let's get some designs going so we can gather feedback and make this a success.

I know this would be something cool in the convoy as we mingle at rally points and around other stops along the way, and it would help us mingle at the march, and would also be a nice memento of our participation in this historic event. The fact it would also help raise money for the cause is a bonus!

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I won't wear a badge. If

I won't wear a badge. If you want to, go for it. Everyone's free to choose how they 'do the march'.

Ron Paul 2008!


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Here are sample images done for a CorvetteForum event. For ours we'd need to settle on a few standard images and layouts, and then just customize the forum ID, name, and City info. Note the top banner is uniform for the event, and these are geared toward prior St. Jude fundraisers and whether the holder has gone to previous Cruise-In events where ours might instead include things like meetup info or precinct leader status.


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