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Umm . . Obama raises $2.1 million in 4 days

While we all watch Lady Liberty slowly rise and anticipate the money bombs to come, to read that Obama raised over 2 million in 4 days in an email campaign to "close the gap on Hillary" feels a bit like a punch in the stomach. We Ron Paul supporters have the most meetup groups, the most fervent supporters, and while are numbers are growing and growing, one can only ask where is the money?? Perhaps this story will spur people on to reach our goal of 12 million, sooner rather than later.

Here is the link if you want to read the story:

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that's just happens when...

when u have the MSM in u're back pocket and some corporations donating... and i'm sure way beyond the $2,300 limit.

i'm sure if u look at the percentage of his donations being from individuals not exceeding the $2,300 limit... and looked at the percentage of RP donations from individuals... RP's percentage of individual donators would far exceed Obama and Billary's...

plus i don't really think u can compare a grassroots campaign to a MSM endorsed first tier canidate...

and not to mention... RP's campaign can extract more from one dollar than ANY candidate's campaign can...

and for that i'm sure 1 RP campaign dollar ='s at least 10 of Obama's dollars...

so ya... sucks to see on print... but i would compare it to RP's fundraising..

The Video is Obama giving

The Video is Obama giving his speech at the 04 Democratic National Convention.
Don't worry about his fund raising, concentrate on our fundraising and spreading the message of Freedom.
Focus on what we have to do to win the primaries.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Sure, it's true

Obama IS the best choice for those who can't stand the thought of voting for another Republican or the incredibly criminal Hillary. His rally at Arizona State University drew a crowd of 6000 and Obama is also routinely selling out his fundraising events. His Los Angeles rally was paired with a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser that had to be moved from a 400-seat restaurant to a hotel ballroom that fit 600 because of the demand for tickets that required a $2,300 donation. When the Obama campaign announced a $25-a-ticket fundraiser in Louisville, Ky., Sunday evening, 2,500 of the 3,000 tickets were sold in 12 hours.

His draw was also strong in the early nominating states on his announcement tour earlier this month. The campaign moved a free event at Iowa State University from a recreation hall that could hold 1,500 to a coliseum where the more than 5,000 who showed up were able to fit comfortably, although some of the curious were from out-of-state and can't vote in the Iowa caucus. All 2,300 tickets for a free town hall meeting in Durham, N.H. — the largest 2008 presidential campaign event yet in the state — were snatched up within six hours of the event being announced, Burton said.

BUT...don't forget....he's gotten national publicity from day 1 while Dr. Paul and WE have had to scratch and bite our way from obscurity and media blackout. Our fight has been to get media exposure, and when we have gotten it, the response has been an increase in numbers. As his grass roots support grows, so will his media exposure. As his media exposure grows, so will his grass roots support. We've come far, we've astonished everyone so far, but we are still looking up at a very tall mountain.

Also, as enoch150 pointed out, it's more than a year before we're running against any Democrat. It's Gulliani and Romney we have to beat before we even think about that. Imagine the contributions that will happen after that.

And.. he's not a Republican...

And this year that makes a BIG difference folks.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the MSM focus on McCain, Rudy, Romney and Thompson and the "blackout" of Ron Paul is that most people (including a lot of businessmen who gave to GOP candidates in the past) think they are all super-nutso warmongers who want to "Bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran" -- and they are staying away... staying so far away that they are donating on the Democratic side.

And for the many that are disgusted at the thought of Hilary... well that means a donation to Obama.

And note here that I am *not* discounting Obama's other "appeal" (relative youth, etc) and his many "endorsements" (i.e. Oprah, et al) that are bringing him soccer-mom money, etc.

This is good news.

If Dr. Paul's fundrasing goes up another 100% it will be apparently obvious that the more his name gets out the more people are willing to give to him. That his name recognition now is 12% of the total U.S. population, and 5% want to vote for him should be enough for the entire establishment to question itself. If we get his name recognition up to 25% it is game over. Once he polls above 10% passing McCain and Romney it is game over.

Also, we need to hit 10-12 Million. If we hit 10 million that will really shift the opinion of everyone going to the primaries. People who vote in the primarties want to think they are voting for a winner. If we can surpass Giuliani in money earned Dr. Paul can be a winner. When they see some dark-horse candidate rasied more in the 4th quarter than Rudy and Romney, it'll make the front page of everything. They won't be able to hide it or want to (it's a great story).

Keep working hard, 3 months left till its game time.


Don't forget "under the table spending"

I have bought slim jims, the Ron Paul Cards to the right of these posts, DVDs that a fine gentlemen about 40 miles from me in Idaho is making, T-shirts, bumpers stickers, etc.

I am going to go and flyer cars this weekend and hand out the Ron Paul cards, etc.

All of that has "monetary value." How much of that is happening "under the radar" for the other candidates?

Ron Paul is like a locomotive without brakes right now. LOOK OUT!

That's actually good news

I would rather run Ron Paul vs. Obama in the General Election than Obama against Hillary.


So what? Obama could raise $5 million in 2 days. Makes no difference. Hillary has been annointed from the very start. The Oligarch will not be denied their candidate, Obama's drifters just didn't get the memo yet.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

comparing contributions

Maybe we have more CONSITENT DAILY fundraising. I don't think Obama - or anyone else, but I could be wrong - has a cool little thing like our Lady of Liberty going. Plus a lot of Ron Paul supporters are students and they are living on a shoestring but giving anyway. I know I've been doing my best to give all I can......

You can go to his website and see where he said he is no longer running for President. He is going to use the money he had left to help other candidates who are running for various offices - like congress! - who share his (and OUR) philosophy. He has star

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It looks intense

But remeber, it's a purposefully made video, all of his rallies aren't like that I'm sure. If they are, after we get Ron the nomination, we're in deep crap. We need to get to work finding more supporters.

Doesn't matter

We aren't competing directly against Obama, yet.

What are we competing against?

W are competing against the machine and that my friend, is the challenge.