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How about working for Ron Paul now and debating all these other topics later?

I think I have a very legitimate request. And I do understand your enthusiasm for the many and varied topics available at DP for discussion. Hopefully all know that it is the delegates that count and whom we need to win and to that end here is my plea:

Please fellow patriots, we are waging a campaign (war) here and these daytime hours are valuable time when you could be helping Dr. Paul by making phone calls on behalf of the campaign! All of these threads are very fascinating but our main objective should be to get the word out, spread the word and get the job done. Please, please take an hour or two or more of your time (and if you are not already a precinct leader sign up and then you can get online) and make phone calls to people in other states who have yet to vote. We do not have this valuable time to waste. Pick up these other threads after you have done your duty or when it is too late in the day to make calls.

This week I contacted 50 people in MD for Cynthia L. in Maryland's 5th Congressional District and after I responded to a call for help here on DP will help out Kathi L.'s meetup in Smithville, Ohio. Here in Seattle I have worked, and continue to work, for the campaign. The great news is Cynthia told me this am that that 4 RPR candidates won their congressional primaries in MD!!

Please use this weekend time when most people have unlimited calling on their cells. Together we can do this. Thank you.

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