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Iran Oil Bourse Open for Business

Iran Opens Its 1st Oil Products Bourse
29 minutes ago

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran established its first oil products bourse Sunday in a free trade zone on the Persian Gulf Island of Kish, the country's oil ministry said.

A statement posted on the ministry's Web site said 100 tons of polyethylene consignment was traded at the market's opening on the island, which houses the offices of about 100 Iranian and foreign oil companies.

Oil and petrochemical products will be traded in Iranian Rials, as well as all other hard currencies, the statement quoted Iranian Oil Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari as saying. About 20 brokers are already active in the market, it said.


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This is such a great thread

it is like we are watching a play by play and waiting to see what happens next. I am trying to figure out if Iraq and Iran are working together since Russia forgave Iraq its debts and will now be able to do business with them.
This is all so confusing because it looks like the different players (countries)
keep switching teams. France is now in line with US. Germany backing off (wouldn't send troops to Afganistan). China playing everybody? Meanwhile, no money for student loans means new recruits for US offensive military industry and homeland security (homeland police state). Gee, bankers holiday coming to a country near you!

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This is a new node

Real thread here.. it's a good read, I think... ;)


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2 days ahead of schedule

Look out Iran, here the Neo cons come!

This should be fun to watch

next week's markets... a taste of what is to come, or no effect? I'm reading that Congress thinks the IMF should sell gold, that it may be a good thing for the Fed to purchase stocks....

Connecting dots here still.. ;)

Oh.. since it opened today, can we quit calling it a conspiracy theory now?

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Depend on how good Paulson is

Will the plunge prevention team be able to save this one? I hope GATA puts another ad out, or asks for a rally at the Feds across the nation to stop them from selling the nations gold.

Then again, saxo bank did predict last year a depression in America and a Ron Paul presidency. Maybe a depression is necessary for Ron Paul to become president. I'm beginning to think a market collapse will be the only thing to wake people up the fact that its our foreign policy and welfare state that's undermining our economy (along with a false currency).

True that...

I'm unsure how much lower we can lower rates.. I read somewhere that at 2.25% we're at a negative return on bonds.. we're .75 from that, with pressure on right now for a .5 drop next month... they really can't go any lower... but they can't go higher... it's kinda that we're screwed either way.

At this point all the PPT team is doing is putting off a panic.. blah.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

I don't expect the Iranian

I don't expect the Iranian Bourse alone to cause large fluctuations in the dollar. However, if they have some success and other oil producing nations decide to cut out the middle men in NY and London, then the dollar will deteriorate dramatically.

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I agree

This isn't some horrid cataclysm and the market will die Monday or anything.. it's just another pressure on the dollar... let's see where it will go.

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Kinda stopped calling it a conspiracy theory

a while ago and so did you.....it may take a bit longer than a week for the dots to click their heels and fall in line

Speaking of Conspiracy Theories ...

"The Morning News said the items found in an old safe in a Dallas courthouse included personal letters from former District Attorney Henry Wade, the prosecutor in the Ruby trial. Ruby shot Oswald two days after the president's death.

Also found were official records from Ruby's trial, a gun holster and clothing that probably belonged to Ruby and Oswald, District Attorney Craig Watkins told the newspaper.

But one potentially controversial item is a transcript of an exchange between Oswald and Ruby in which they discuss killing Kennedy to halt the mafia-busting agenda of his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy."


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Ah well.. one theory down, 123,567,345 to go..

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

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