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Message from Founderof Ron Paul Racing, Ron Conrad

Ron Paul Racing was started with one mission, to promote Ron Paul and his message to the 75 million Americans who follow NASCAR. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Our first plan.
We started with the idea of covering a complete Sprint Cup car (#28) for one race. Before we even collected 5% of what we needed, there was a takeover attempt by one of the volunteers because we disagreed about how to pull this off. He wanted the Web site. We got into a public fight about it. That was a huge set back that almost killed Ron Paul Racing.

Our original idea was to open a non-profit foundation to handle the donations and then fund the team. The CPA told us this wouldn’t work with the campaign finance laws. Plan B, we sought out help from the Blimp people as they had a system in place for an advertising project like this. They never responded to our contacts. This was two more set backs.

The attacks started on the message boards and they have never stopped. So there are little set backs every day when we are called scammers and frauds by other people who don’t know us who claim to be Ron Paul supporters. But we don’t know there names or who they are so how do we know? It was funny that the attacks got worse after we announced our deal with Fitz Motorsports and the more info we released about us and the PAC. People attacked us WORSE after we proved we were legit? Who are these people? Why would a real Ron Paul Supporter do that?

Plan C.
Then we had real experienced people step up and guide us through the process initiating the PAC. In my 25 years in the working world I’ve never seen a group of people that work so hard under such pressure as well as personal attacks and for free…in my life. True dedication.

We wanted the #28 Sprint Cup car, but seeing we had no chance of that $400,000 goal for one race we switched to a season long major associate sponsorship of two cars in the Nationwide Series for $300,000. I still believe its by far the best arrangement we could hope for.

What about the size of the sticker?
Many many people are fixated with the size of the sticker, well its not that important. For 20 Million dollars you can cover the whole Sprint Cup car. That’s why only Fortune 500 companies do it. Well I hate to break it to you but we don’t have that kind of money right now. I wish we did.

We were offered a great deal by Fitz Motorsports (its explained in great detail on the website). We could have a Ron Paul sponsored car in 35 events around the country in a major NASCAR forum. We envisioned Meetup groups from around the country gathering at the tracks every week, handing out Ron Paul gear, talking to people about the platform all over for almost a year until the election. We would get Kenny Wallace “The Hermanator” on TV two times a week, and all of Kenny’s fans and show car visits and a rolling billboard on the transporters for $100,000 less than the deal for one race in the #28 car.

We think we have a great deal. Fitz Motorsports could not be better to work with and we want to get this sponsorship before somebody with deep pockets buys it out from under us.

We can continue only if we have your support. We think this is the best ad idea in the Ron Paul movement right now, there are so many people who will hear about Ron Paul for the first time because of NASCAR.

You can’t believe how hard this team is working to make this happen but it’s up to you. We have done everything we can, we have the PAC and the Web site and the car deal, what else is it going to take?

Ron Conrad
Founder, Ron Paul Racing
Date Posted: Sunday, February 17th, 2008

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