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Why have the debates stopped?

Seems to me that if people saw that there were only 3 people left, and that Dr. Paul is one of them, that they'd actually do some research.

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All Three?

I know Dr. Paul RSVP'd yes; last heard, neither McPain nor Huck had responded to the invitation to the debate. Have they confirmed?

There is one scheduled for

There is one scheduled for Ohio in February (CNN).

Dr. Paul



Can you imagine that?

It's far from 0\/3R.

yeah, but this will only be

yeah, but this will only be televised in it's entirety on the internet. the msnbc television coverage will be edited. do you think our guy will be edited around?

"our guy"???

What is your major malfunction?! You're editing your own effort of support. Repeat after me bukojack, loud and proud: "Dr. Ron Paul, the next President of the United States of America!" I can't heeear yoooouu!!

your right, but it may not

your right, but it may not necessarily be a conspiracy...

rather think of it this way:

There were something like 2 or 3 debates at the end of January/beginning of February right? That's because they were last minute debates proceeding Super Tuesday... the next round of debates are scheduled for just before the next group of primaries.

They have just slowed way down

waiting for you know who to move out of the way!! But at least another GOP one is coming up in 10 days. The Dems have one sooner. It is time to put them together in my opinion. But that would reduce time, so maybe not.

Who's moderating?

Just curious who ELSE I'm about to add to my shit-list...

I had the briefest of hopes for Anderson Cooper, until my miniscule, flickering flame of faith in the man was snuffed out, doused with water, and buried beneath 10 tons of sand and earth (and then peed on for good measure) by the man's own frail, pathetic character.


Still, every answer the Doctor gives is worth no less than 17 pointless run-around question-dodges by the other "candidates." Looking forward to it (though with a certain amount of mind-altering chemicals to dull the inevitable rage)!

For Liberty!!

For Liberty!! *GONG*

my bad

thanks for the info!


Can't wait for that debate!!


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

The media, in collusion with the GOP have decided

who they want as a winner - so why show how completely stupid McInsane is by actually being subjecting him to reality against Huckalooser and Ron Paul?