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All the other candidates manipulate, divert and subterfuge.

The fact that Ron Paul speaks truth while other candidates manipulate for personal gain is REASON ALONE to vote for him, even if you disagree here and there with things in his platform.

The fact that he is honest and has integrity, while these other folks are just charlatans, makes him the only legitimate candidate.

George W. Bush has used enough deception for one lifetime of presidents, why choose anything aside from the individual speaking truth?

Is this really America? Since when did we stand for manipulation and deceit?

I would rather go down telling the truth than gain a world of fortune and be a total fraud.

The truth is powerful and it will set you free!

Long live truth, long live freedom!

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yep. Old news..lol

yep. Old news..lol

Double post



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


We need to HAMMER this to the unwise out there in Blobville. To us, it's been known forever. To the mass of people, this is new news. We need to hammer it!


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity