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Car Wraps 4 U: Your Input Please

We need copy for car wraps.
Some of the Ron Paul quotes people like are;

"Legalize Freedom"
"Legalize The Constitution"
"Freedom Is Popular"
"Freedom Unites Us"
"Abolish Personal Income Tax"
"Deficits mean future tax increases, pure and simple."
"I am absolutely opposed to a national ID card. This is a total contradiction of what a free society is all about."

Please add any ideas you may have.
We are shooting for a finished design by Feb 29th.

Below are links to some designs along the lines of what we want.





Thank you

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I like the positive tone

of "Freedom Unites Us" "Families For Freedom" I also think the solid colors are classy and would only want to represent as such.

Thanks Families For

Families For Freedom

Didn't have that one.

The best Quote RP said...

Was when he was at the Fox debate and said "We borrow $10 Million from the Chinese, only to give it to Musharraf... I mean, what's going on here?!!"

Every time I see that debate I just laugh my ass off! That was the "burn" of the century! =)

Oh, you'll LOVE this then..

Oh, you'll LOVE this then.. I know you've seen the RP part of it. but watch the vid to the end hehe



I love this idea

and I'd love to volunteer my car and maybe the rest of my household ( 3 cars and 1 van--I have a "big" family by today's view---4 kids + mom + dad).
I live in South Florida so I'm not too sure if it is helpful to you.
P.S. Thanks for your posts and ideas...they are inspiring to me.

to a person chained in a cave, the shadows on the wall are reality

send me an email with your

send me an email with your contact info.

Take a look at the van on

Take a look at the van on the homepage of www.eTeli.com

There's a 'wrap' for you :)

I'm hoping to set aside enough cash to 'wrap' my motorcycle as well. It's a GSXR750 so it's got a bit more 'real estate' on it than a cruiser bike, and can have a much larger message on it.

Still working out the details on that one.. I too have twenty pans on the stove at once.. but since riding weather isn't for another month or two, I've got time.


Since the summer I have been

Since the summer I have been supporting organizations like eteli.
Hasn't worked to help Ron Paul reach a large enough audience.
I am now going MSM to drive traffic to the web.
Will it work?
I don't know.
I've seen the site. I like it but there's hardly any visual evidence of Ron Paul.
Is this van done?

The van is a photoshop job.

The van is a photoshop job. I just threw out the link so you could see it :)

I can understand you're switch to MSM for ads.. the little sites dont catch on fast enough - even the good ones.

I put eteli together because there was, in my opinion, a demand for it. Most of the demand came from right here on DP. It's had a lot of traffic (massive hits on the RP ad video link on the homepage), but it seems folks are probably already tied up in who knows how many other sites already.

My next site isn't just a place to play. It's a place to organize, communicate and grow this Revolution to the fullest. You can get a general idea of what is being built by going to www.OurFreedomNetwork.com

It'll take me a week or two to finish up the software that runs it (I build everything from scratch myself so I know how it works, how to fix it if it breaks and how to upgrade it when it needs upgrading).

But the general descriptions of what the site will 'do', and who will benefit from it is already within it's pages (links in the text of the homepage).

I called into RPRRadio this past Friday about the site because they were discussing the need for something like it (and I was already building it). The host said that he'd like to have me on next week as the guest for his show, so I've got to get something more substancial up there by then, so it's not all 'hopes, dreams and promises'.

I'm sure I can get that done. Gonna be a busy week!


Please send me an email RE:

Please send me an email RE: website

Sent :) CF

Sent :)



Some of our members who just have signs in their carwindows or bumper stickers have been egged - are you buying billboards? I quickly glanced at the pricing $3000 would be (in my opinion) be better on a few strategic billboards & get more impressions - you certainly have a bigger canvas to get the message out - Endorsed by, Sponsored xx, etc.. 30 days right before the primaries when folks are really deciding who they are going to vote for.... Regardless - go for it Daddywarbucks - whatever works best..You got a friend in Pennsylvania -
SPH Org/ronpaul.meetup.com/926 - Wanna donate? www.cpalpac.com

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

We will be doing

We will be doing billboards.
Concentrating on TV first.
Car wraps are up quicker than billboards, they're manned and they go everywhere.
I don't do PAC's
I can blow my own money very well. I don't need help.

Hey DaddyWarBucks...

I've come to the conclusion that you are very generous with your financial resources and have everything times two going on right now, but is there any chance you have some visual evidence of all of this spending for the good Doctor Paul.

I'm not saying that I'm in doubt to your sincerity, I just think it would be very motivating for everyone on the DP to see some of our thoughts coming to fruition.

It's only fair. You request a lot of input for your projects and it would just be nice to see how its coming together.

Fight the good fight Patriots!!

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

Thanks for the reply....

HYS:"I've come to the conclusion that you are very generous with your financial resources and have everything times two going on right now,"
DWB: Thanks for the compliment.

HYS:..." but is there any chance you have some visual evidence of all of this spending for the good Doctor Paul.(?)"
DWB: Nothing to see.

HYS: "I'm not saying that I'm in doubt to your sincerity,... "
DWB: Thanks....really?

HYS: "I just think it would be very motivating for everyone on the DP to
see some of our thoughts coming to fruition."
DWB: It's a free country. Think away! I'm not here to 'motivate people'.
Edit: I'm here to have 'them' motivate ME...LOL

HYS: "It's only fair."
DWB: This is WAR not a kickball game.

HYS: "You request a lot of input for your projects..."
DWB: The folks who have done the most haven't complained once. As usual nobody sees 'them'. 'They' disappear and the results speak for themselves.

HYS: "...and it would just be nice to see how its coming together.:
DWB: There's nothing to see, except a handful of good people doing their boring and tedious jobs to make all of thesse things happen.

Thanks for the reply. You helped me clear-up a few points.
I'm not promoting a fund raising project. I have no one to account to.

Today I was driving down the road and I see all these properties on the market just sitting there waiting for offers in a slowing market.

I had this thought...."Maybe I should use my money to take advantage of buying hard assets at lower prices instead of blowing $10 mil. on ads. It doesn't matter to me who gets elected. It really doesn't. The more they screw-up the economy the more successful I wil be and my family will be better off.

You would not believe the viscious attacks I have had since I started this project to reach America for Liberty. I can't wait til some jackass sues me because I paid for a wrap on their car.

Bottom line. I'm focused on the results - not the spectators.

Edit: I REALLY DO appreciate your post.

Just a minor note, if you

Just a minor note, if you read "car wrap ads" at a glance it looks like "crap war ads"

Anyhow, I really like these, but I agree that some of the longer ones are too wordy and will cause more collisions than conversions.


If you're name is TehTpyoKing..LOL j/k

Actually the dyslexic in me read it as car warp ads.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Comments & Suggestions

Just a thought...

We're hoping to reach specifically the MSM audiences here, right? Then I would recommend avoiding provocative statements such as "Legalize Freedom" or "Legalize the Constitution" -- it would be easy for MSM viewers to smirk and think, "Oh, that's silly; such things are already legal here in the good ol' U.S. of A.!" This discounts our message in their mind.

The "Deficits mean..." and "I am absolutely opposed..." statements are a bit wordy, and would likely get missed by someone actually trying to read them on the road. Short and sweet instead: "NO Nat'l ID!", for example.

"Freedom Unites Us" is good; so is "Freedom Is Popular". Perhaps, "True to Our Constitution!", "Champion of Our Constitution" or "Defending Our Constitution" -- if using those phrases, definitely use "our" instead of "the"; it reminds them that the Constitution if theirs, too.

/two cents

Did You Feel That?

I just copy & pasted you
Good Points

Nice designs..need some cheaper ones

Nice, but you need to ad something just for 1 side so that people who cannot afford 3 grand can do it as well. It is expensive for the average person>

There's no cost to the car owner.

These will be going on cars people have volunteered to us.

There will be no cost to the car owner.

Neat Idea

It would be quite effective!

The other day my sister had the idea to have something like "Ron Paul 2008" (or something jazzier) made into those decals (if there's a more appropriate word for it, I don't know it...) that span the top of the windshield. You know - the kind that read "Pontiac" or "Dodge" or whatnot. Then, not only would the people behind you see your bumper stickers, but the oncoming trafffic would get an eye-full too! Do you have any idea how to go about getting something like that done?

The producer can do

The producer can do anything.
Thanks for the reminder. Even if a whole car is wrapped it may not show well in on-coming traffic if it has a low silouette.

The windshield band is a good solution

I would be willing to have a windshield banner put on my

car, let me know. Keep up the great work.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

They are in Las Vegas - Where are you?

Our plan is to get at least 10 cars in each installation location.

They will give me a good price if I can get that minimum number of installs in one location.

So if you are near an area where we can get you in to have it done it will work.

They have a large executive travel bus the installers will use to go to install locations out west.

We will fly them into eastern states to do installs.

In Southern Oregon - God's Country

near Grants Pass or Medford

Send me an email with

Send me an email with contact info:

The guy who taught me most of what I know about trading lives in Grant's Pass, OR.

Seems like a nice place to live.

That's exciting

I will as soon as my husband is finished writing his article for NolanChart. IWe were in Grants Pass today and I noticed more and more signs going up for Ron Paul, large ones too - in very key locations. It was heartwarming.

This guy is a Libertarian

This guy is a Libertarian out there http://www.kenroberts.com/

He must have seen the

mass financial destruction coming because he did fold up that business in Grants Pass, or moved somewhere else. He did very well.