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One very informative page regarding Dr. Ron Paul on the CFR Site!

One very informative page regarding Dr. Ron Paul on the CFR Site!


We welcome your views on the foreign policy issues in the 2008 presidential campaigns. Join the discussion and post your comments on the Candidates and the World blog, or send us an email at letters@cfr.org.

This page also has every debate transcript, and Dr. Paul's views on every subject!

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Agree with lauriem below and

Agree with lauriem below and I see the UN as the biggest threat to all of our freedoms today. It is at the root of all evil. It is the vehicle the CFR is latching onto for world "salvation". It is what the Elite cowardly hide behind. It is ultimately the 2nd Tower Of Babel. And we all know how well the first one worked out.
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *


and good for you for even looking there to find him.
quite interesting that they have profiled him.
I was practically salivating at the thought of the 'US out of the UN' legislation he proposed in 2003. I know that is not new,but more and more,I see it as a great solution to many other issues.
As far as priorities myself,I see closing the fed and getting out of the UN as major pieces,affecting most every other issue directly. [Ending the fed also dissolves the need for SS#'s,fundamentally,and 'birth certificates',so we can reclaim our sovereign individual status,and not just be commodities. It is major. Of course,everything is now tied into SS#'s,including civil marriage,etc.,but at the core,no fed. would be a huge step towards dissolving these fraudulent government contracts we have as individuals [commonly with no knowledge that we have them.]