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Everyone should watch this.

I figure it wouldn't hurt to apply this kind of thinking towards the campaign. Even if it is hard for you to believe this it is a very positive way of viewing the world and can only help you and the people around you. By the way this site is awesome and supports Ron Paul so check it out. It has some amazing videos about many of the subjects we discuss. I hope it is appropriate to post and if not I apologize.
Check out there must watch section.

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i live my life every moment

i live my life every moment like this, and im sure the doc does too!

p.s. celestine prophecy=good book=good movie premise=bad acting lol

Also watch "The Celestine Prophecy" and check out .....

.... www.celestinevision.com , click on"Celestine Insights" on the left hand side. This is inspiring stuff.

Focus on the positive

Don't just think positive but then expect negative proof that it doesn't work .. i think there a HUGE amount of truth to this video .. the craziest thing for me while watching it is that my father told me to do many of the things in that video since I was young ... the times I did listen to him, those things came true. When I focused on the negatives, those preaches became lost ... it all makes a grandiose amount of sense and definitely is going to be inspiring me to change things .. i need to watch it again tomorrow with my wife.

thanks for posting this incredible post!

everyone, go watch this now

This may be the most enlightening movie of all time!

Get past the opening "mystery" to grab your attention and watch the whole thing. The Law of Attraction works for me all the time!

I visualize Ron Paul as President or a leader in the r3VOLution - same difference to me!

He's started the movement and opening eyes - cannot let these things continue to happen!

Beware of the trolls below...

The Secret is one of the most inspirational video's I've seen in a long time.

I got my copy two years ago this May, loaned it out over and over. I just listen to it while I'm working for the inspirational message alone!

Read THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill to get the same supportive, motivational support.

The law of attraction WORKS - period. It works for me and those I know who also believe in the power of positive visualization.

If you are thinking the devil/satin - then it draws that to you. So, those of you who think that will just get more of the same.

I visualized getting 301+ signatures on my petition to run as a delegate here in PA. I got 308!

I visualize a parking space and it works 99% of the time.

My brother was driving me to the airport in Vegas, and we, together visualized a parking spot close to the elevator with time on the meter. We got the parking spot, however, it was 10 minutes short of the hr. we visualized.
Was walking around my country block (3.6mi.) and was tired and visualized my husband being at a particular stop sign so I could catch a ride home from there - bingo, he was there. He could have been anywhere on business at 2:00 in the p.m.

I could tell you story after story! The Secret works because I view it in a the manner in which it was intended.

Those expounding Satan/devil views are getting what they are seeing and seeking - just like the video says!

Good luck to that, except, I don't believe in luck, good or bad. We've either earned something or we haven't - period!

WATCH THE VIDEO and have faith.

Oprah had some of these guys on her show twice. Then did a follow-up show just last week. The follow-up show was because of all the emails she receives from people expounding the great results of viewing The Secret.

Order your own copy at thesecret.tv.

I've been the believer and recipient of great things ever since. Oh, yes, I have my vision board right in front of my computer!

"What the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill (AND ME!!!!!)


This Peden guy running against Paul has raised over 200k by dec. 31st. He may have raised more money than paul for his congressional seat. We are actually in a real fight down in tx and we need to send money to his congressional seat!!!

The Secret is. . . . .

A bunch of marketing hoo-ha. The concept is based on "The Law of Attraction", more marketing hoo-ha.

However, the principles behind this movement have some merit. Our society, secular and religious, tends to focus on the negative aspects of life. Focus on the negative, and you will find more negative to support your beliefs. I think these concepts are an attempt to attain the personal power "believers" receive from true "faith" in a larger power or God.

The mind is a powerful place and is bombarded with negative information all day long. We are "programmed" by the MSM to focus on the negative. We are told by employers, aquaintances, friends, neighbors and family that "It's too hard" "Don't waste your time" "It'll never work". We hear the negative thoughts they hold and begin to believe it is true.

The TRUTH is, we can do anything we put our MINDs to. We can have the American Dream, we can Restore the Republic and we can have Freedom, Peace and Prosperity again.

But you have to BELIEVE.

You have to focus on it. You have to live the dream, and fight for what you KNOW is yours. Let's bring back America. She's Ours and I BELIEVE in Her.

PS. If you need a god for that, then so be it, but it is not necessary. The Secret may help, but it is not the answer either. YOU ARE THE ANSWER. Everything you need is in you. Just do it.

I agree with this

This is basically what I wanted someone to see. The principles they discuss as you say should be applied to everyday life. You don't really need this video to understand the basic premise of positive thought and the effects it can have. I just think if we start showing a more positive attitude it will help new comers to feel welcome.


YOUR lead in was negative, then you posted positive things...

what's up with that?

The answer IS ALWAYS within ourselves -sometimes we want some inspiration.

EVERYTHING around us is negative. How may happy faces do you see in a day? Just watch people in stores, on the sidewalk or wherever. How many pleasant looking people do you see?

You can be happy or live like a victim, I choose the first!

I don't need to convince YOU, do I ? . . .

Who is it I wanted to read the post?

Happiness is not a Goal. It is the Answer.

You must decide it. You cannot FIND it.

It's still a struggle. We are surrounded by so much negativity.

Use this thought process (from The Secret)

and your brain to figure out your unique ability or sole purpose is in this life. Ask other people what they think of us and our talents. Often, we don't recognize our unique ability because it is not unique to us and we can't see it. Have others help you out, as you can help the out also.

We deceive ourself into believing we have to get a good job, earn big money, then be happy. Wrong if looking for the money only.

if you work in an area you love, and enjoy going to work everyday, especially for yourself, you will not only enjoy what you are doing but will create value for others as well.

This is stupid. I taught a

This is stupid. I taught a college class this summer (an upper level philosophy class) and we used the secret as an example of awful pseudo-science.

You, as the teacher, are stupid and succeeded in further

dumbing down of the class, I'm sure.

My granddaughter puts up with teachers like this every day in high school! Those teachers are the result of government education! I'm glad I started mentoring her before the real damage was done.

Teaching them to get and education, get a job and work for someone the rest of their lives instead of teaching them to use their minds to identify their unique abilities, and go after them to be happy.

Once I learned better, I did better, and continue that process EVERY day!

A leading psychologist talks about the power within ourselves and recommends this concept, and this movie. Get over yourself!

Read THOMAS JEFFERSON EDUCATION and understand the history of education in this country to know why we have so many high school and college graduates that still know nothing!!!

You, sir or madame, have done your students a dis-service!

Only posted it here to try and get people thinking positive.

I see nothing wrong with that.



Good job Erkyng, you were right to bring it up. We've all got to stay focused on why we want Ron Paul to be our next president and ponder ways to ensure that outcome. "We will see it when we believe it"



Boy, you must be really smart.


Dr. Ron Paul IS the President

He is the only one that I will accept. He is the only one that I respect.
Do everything in your power to make it so!

The Secret

The Secret works just fine, it always has. We all want Ron Paul to be our next president but how many of us can actually envision this as reality? It won't take that many, just a few more than those that clearly see Hillary or Obama in that roll. Anyway it can't hurt to take a few minutes from time to time and imagine Ron Paul, hand on the Bible, being sworn in to that office.


Oh Yes, The Devil is Quite Active

Yep, this kind of occult practice works great with those that are easily deceived. It sounds innocent, but I'm warning you. Satan is a great deceiver. It may appear innocent, but if you get wrapped up in it, it will take you down a road you may not perceive as wrong until it is almost too late.

Let me tell you this is a war between good and evil. Evil is always trying to raise its ugly head around here. Fortunately there are enough believers to keep it at bay with warnings and prayer.

Satan would love nothing better than to see RP defeated.

You, sir are evil

When you know better, you'll do better.

There is nothing evil about the concept of this movie. I can picture the 'elites' in that smoke filled room, now that I've learned they exist.

I would never have gotten this education had I not heard about Ron Paul last summer, did some research, and immediately sent him a check.

Nothing like I'd ever done before. Then I started watching You Tube videos and noting some of the comments, wondering, what the heck they are talking about - CFR; NWO; NAU; NAFTA/CAFTA and on and on. Boy, what an eye opener!!

So, evil is as evil does. Perspective determines action.

People are the assets and God is the author or prosperity - if you believe!


All this video is saying is to think positively and good things may come to you. How are you getting devil worship and occult as the message. Thats kind of scary but you are free to post your opinion. I posted this video because I see way too much negativity here and thought some positive thinking would be a nice change. I didn't realize I was making people be devil occult Satan worshiping idiots. I thought I was talking to the smartest among us, which I am so I think everyone will be o.k. here.



This is New Age Cult propaganda. As a follower of Jesus, this type of thing is warned about in the Bible. It is a great deception. This is how the devil deceives you to look within yourself for answers instead of God.

Be very, very careful.

It just dawned on me that Oprah endorsed the book and movie. Oprah is into New Age propaganda, though she says she's a christian (I use that word loosely), she is deceiving people right and left. And we all know who she endorses for Presidential Candidate, don't we?


Be careful yourself Marhlfld, by the perfect law of attraction, fear of the devil is the quickest way to bring him into your livingroom, no doubt he is even now under your couch.



good one! ;- )

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

I'm with you

on this one. I don't want to go anywhere near this.

did you watch the whole movie?

of just get caught up in the opener? It's supposed to be dramatic to catch your attention.

I know some of the guests in the video, and believe me, they are awesome!

See my other posts here! Watch it, in it entirety, then get back to me.

This is how RP will win

I will picture RP as president every day . I won't think of all the others .
I will think of world peace not war . I'm going to give it a try , we just need everybody to think of all the positives not negatives . Let's do it everybody
we can make one positive enegry , the RP energy . He will win !


I didn't mean to post that comment so many times. How the heck do you delete comment? I'd like to delete 2 of these.


Go back to where you posted them

and there is a delete button there.

I see Ron Paul

President. TRUTH EXPOSING corrupt bankers, corporations writing bills for congress, Provda media and military industrial sleaze. I want to see the world population waking up empowering THEMSELVES slave to no one.
Freedom, Prosperity, Peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.