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The 6 Million Dollar Man, Baby!

RonPaul2008.com finally reached it ~

6,000,601.11 to be exact.

Now let's get that 400 grand sewed up for our Congressional seat so that tomorrow we can make the good doctor...

The 10 Million Dollar Man!


yes, that is 6,400,000.

I'm talking about raising the 6M to 10M for the
Presidential campaign!

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6,000,000 + 400,000 = 6,400,000, not 10,000,000

well, there is a money bomb

well, there is a money bomb tonight... but it's unlikely that we'll get more than $2 million at most.

What a lovely sight.

I just saw that, too. Six million is less than 2 months--nothing to scoff at!


That took way to long.